Life Changing: Rotarian Jane Jerry

For Jane Jerry, life in a small town is made even sweeter with service through Rotary.

A Good Life in a Good Place

A circuitous route and long, languid conversations laced with wit and compassion brought Carolyn and Cy Timmons together and to the Plateau.

Where Conversation Resumes: Calders Coffee Cafe

Just what the doctor ordered: Calders Coffee Cafe serves up palate-pleasing beverages, comfort food that soothes something deep inside, and healthy

highlands playhouse nc night
Scott Daniel Takes the helm at Highlands Playhouse

Highlands Playhouse’s Scott Daniel is ensuring everything is in place as the curtain rises on a season filled with possibilities.

Botanical Meets Mechanical, Cover Artist Sue Steele Thomas

The lines, the curves, the irrefutable suggestion of thrumming horsepower waiting to be untethered – there are a thousand reasons for Sue Steele

At a Glance Waterfall Guide

Enjoy this sampling of area waterfalls, for a deep dive visit thelaurelmagazine.com/recreation.

Likeable, Hikeable Falls: Upper Middle Creek Falls

Stepping just slightly off the Beaten Path reveals hidden wonders like the hypnotic Upper Middle Creek Falls.

Highlands Mountain Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale

Highlands Mountain Garden Club’s Annual Plant Sale, slated for Saturday, May 29, at the Town Ballfield, is animated by the spirit of Laurel’s

Thank a Soldier: Memorial Day

The Memorial Day Weekend gives Highlanders a series of events to honor Fallen Heroes.

Meander in May in Highlands

Meander in May, set for Saturday, May 22, is an invitation to discover and rediscover the unique charms of Highlands.

dahlias ed boos
Mother’s Day Flowers: The Village Green

The kaleidoscopic shapes and colors of Dahlias are on display in all their glory at the Foster Memorial Dahlia Garden, the scintillating treasure

Live Music Is Back in Highlands

Sweet harmonies bring passion back to the seasonal soundscape of Highlands evenings.

Art + Automobiles: FreeWheeling at The Bascom

FreeWheeling, set for May 11 through August 21, is The Bascom’s dynamic celebration of the fusion of engineering and style.

William McReynolds May Rosa
The Risqué Month of May

Sure, the month of May is Merry, but there’s also a bit of Friskiness built in.


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Talking Turkey

Like the potato, tomato, corn and tobacco, the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is a North American gift to the world.   According to Lovett Williams, in 1492 the population of this indigenous bird covered a good deal of the eastern and southern continent and numbered 40 million. By 1940, overhunting and habitat loss had reduced their presence to just 12 percent …

Flyfishing in Highlands Winter Style

A lot of folks visiting the Western North Carolina mountains look at the end of October as the end of trout season. Those who live here know that there’s a lot more fishing left before year’s end. The truth is that fishing in November and December can be much more fruitful than trying to fish in July and August when everyone …

Fox Grapes

Ever read Aesop’s Fables? If so, I’m sure you remember the one called …“The Fox and the Grapes.” One hot summer’s day, a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine, which had been trained over a lofty branch.  “Just the thing to quench my thirst,”quoth he.  Drawing back …

90 Years of Commitment at Highlands Biological Station

The Highlands Biological Foundation has been committed to fostering research and education focused on the rich natural heritage of the Southern Appalachians since 1927. Our mission is expressed in the three facets of the station – the Nature Center, Botanical Garden, and Research Laboratory.   For over 75 years the Nature Center has been the interpretive bridge between the research …

Winter Waterfall in Cashiers NC

Summer is long gone by now, and we have entered that long season of short days and cold nights when Nature, having shed its final riot of autumn color, invites us to notice and love the more minimal splendor of the clean lines of tangled tree branches, the contours of naked ridges in the distance, and the subtle beauty of …

Cosmic Works of Edible Art

It’s official.  Zeus has declared Oksana’s Sweet Life confections the new nectar of the gods. When you experience her dulcified delights, you’ll feel like you’re dining at the table of Athena and Apollo.  Oksana Shchelgachova’s cakes are so sculpturally exquisite, it almost seems a sacrilege to cut them. She loves to share her passion for art and food, and frequently …

Feast Without The Fuss

In the mood for turkey and all the trimmings, but not so sure you want to cook?  Not to worry, there are options available, but act quickly because reservations are required and space is limited.  Here is a sampling of what’s available: TAKE OUT Highlands Area Mountain Fresh (828) 526-2400.  Call now to reserve your complete Thanksgiving dinner.  Hours on …

HANDS Give, HANDS Receive

It’s time to make your reservations for the annual Christmas Day Dinner, sponsored by the Highlands Area Non-Profit Donation Sharing. HANDS has sponsored this event since 2001 and has been able to gift over $225,000 to this community thanks to the generosity of donors and attendees, alike. The 501 (c) 3 organization was founded by, and continues to be run …

A Recipe That Can’t Be Beet

Donna and Chris Alley have owned The Colonial Pines Inn in Highlands since 1984 after “escaping from the business world of Atlanta.”  They were the first B&B in Highlands and are now one of the last true B&Bs where the owner lives in the Inn, serves a homemade breakfast each morning, and is always available for information.  This recipe originated …

Holiday Wines

I had a chance to visit Highlands Wine Shoppe in mid-September. I spent more time there than I expected. As I was looking for a wine for the afternoon, I ran into a former client. He introduced me to one of his group of friends that were there to enjoy the weather, drink wine and watch football while their wives were …

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

I’m a sucker for a good pizza. But my love of pizza is well-earned and proclaimed without reservation. In writing this review, I looked back to the momentous times in my life and realized that, somehow , in nearly every emotion-freighted situation, there’s been pizza in the background – birthdays, graduations, too-cool-for-cake weddings, ordinary (yet deeply precious) meals shared by …

Like it or Not, Musician George Reeves

There’s never a bad seat in the house when George Reeves cranks up one of his vintage Les Pauls, Strat or Slide guitars. He covers the musical waterfront from blues to badass. He is equally skilled at driving a soulful classic home to a live audience, or laying down rock-solid tracks in a recording studio.  He began playing guitar at …