Donna Woods and Marty Rosenfield
Us and the Snow

It took a snowstorm to reveal what had been obvious from the start – Donna Woods and Marty Rosenfield were meant to find one another.

Mathew Basford
Fisher Vineyards Wine Dinner
The Farm at Old Edwards

With its unique blend of exquisite vintages and irresistibly off-center dishes, The Farm at Old Edwards’ Top Chef Dinner, set for May 21, promises

Magical Morning Light
Cover Artist Carole Shepardson

Carole Shepardson’s clever shutter captures the magic and the mystery embedded within life on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.

Art and The Automobile

The Bascom revs up its Main Gallery with FreeWheeling, a dynamic show celebrating all things Automotive, May 11 through August 21.

Twilight Runs
Highlands Rotary Club

The exclusive Twilight 5K and 10K Race will wind through Highlands on Saturday, May 15. For more information or to register, visit

The Power of Music
Bear Shadow Music Festival

The music and the food and the fun times of Bear Shadow will extend across the Plateau, April 23-25. For more details (and up-to-the-minute information),

Bear Shadow Music Festival Local Love
Feel the Music and the Love at Bear Shadow Music Festival

Bear Shadow, slated for April 23-25, is showing the love for its Macon, Jackson, Transylvania, and Rabun residents with a ticket discount.


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Winged Reminders

During the winter months our resident avian friends – the Titmice, Dark-Eyed Juncos, and Carolina Chickadees that live around and amongst us – become more easily seen and appreciated.  With branches bare from the fall, they are more visible in the trees.  If you have a bird feeder they become frequent visitors.  Suet attracts woodpeckers of all sorts; sunflower seeds …

Above All, Bee Kind

In the November issue we reported on the alarming disappearance of honeybees.  In this issue we take a first-hand look at what’s happening to bees in our own back yards. Geared up in overalls, gloves, hats, and veils, bee farmers Kenny and Kathy Hayes, Laurel Managing Partner Marjorie Christiansen and I set out for the Hayes’ apiary (the bee yard).  …

Male Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a fairly large songbird, rare in the Western U.S., which neither migrates nor changes color by molding. The male is a commanding red, the female dull brown with red highlights. Both are crested with black faces and red beaks. They are common on bird feeders offering sunflower seeds. The song is varied and the …

Research and Education

For the past 88 years the Highlands Biological Station has fostered research and education focused here in Highlands.  Each summer hundreds of students come to Highlands to learn more about this rich and diverse environment.  Here are a few of the many excellent projects that were funded by the Highlands Biological Foundation and conducted here in Highlands this summer: Damien …

The Poinsettia Legend

Whether you pronounce the name of this Christmas favorite “Poin-set-ah” or prefer “Poin-set-ee-ah,” or as some from Across the Pond say, “Poin-set-ya,” it really doesn’t matter. This flower hails from Mexico and Central America, and has almost as many tales of origin as it does pronunciations.  In the 14-16th century, the Aztecs called it cuetlaxochitl (and you thought we have …

Tree Toppin’ Thrills

Sitting atop the luscious High Holly Mountain, the Highlands Aerial Park is a perfect choice for those with a desire to mix the gorgeous scenery of the Appalachian Mountains with a thrilling ride through the treetops.   The Aerial Park features zip lines, a family challenge course, an oversized swing, and several nature trails offering a little something for everyone, …

The Etiquette of Corkage

Never has a term been more misunderstood than the use of “corkage.” A frightening number of people believe that corkage or corkage fee is a charge to remove the cork from an outside bottle of wine. Corkage is a fee to recoup the revenue lost to an outside bottle, four to five drinks or $35 to $50. For a restaurant …

Mice Cookies

December is the month of crispy-smelling Christmas trees, hot chocolate, presents and cookies.   Instead of making the regular Chocolate Chip Cookies this year, try some very simple, yet very tasty Mice Cookies. Ingredients: 2 cups Vanilla Cookies, crumbled 3 tablespoons raw Cocoa Powder 1/2 cup Butter, melted To Decorate:  Tiny Pieces of Cheese 1/4 cup Sliced Almonds 18 pieces …

Visions of Sugar Cookies

When you think of Christmas you no doubt picture Santa Claus; but what about long-suffering Mrs. Claus?   Surely, she deserves to be appreciated.  Does she even have a first name? Imagine her husband slaving away all year with no one to help but guys with pointy ears.  He’s not one to ship his work to the South Pole where …

The Orchard

First things first – if you choose to dine at The Orchard during this “off” season, make reservations! My sweetie and I sauntered in at 7:00 P.M. on a Friday. It was a Friday in November, we were vaguely worried that we’d be the only diners in this rambling 100-year-old building.  The first clue we had that our lonely conversations …

HCCMF Founder Lucas Drew

The Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival, which enjoys a worldwide reputation, is the product of the passion and remarkable talents of Dr. Lucas Drew.  Dr. Drew, after a distinguished career of more than 40 years of teaching and performing, retired in 2000 as Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami Frost School of Music and Principal Double Bass Emeritus of the …

If You Werent Smitten Before

Smitten is celebrating four years of success. 2016 promises to be the best year ever with a slate of fresh artists, scouted from all over the Southeast.  Here are teasers for four outstanding members of the new Smitten family. Painter Diane Kilgore from Greenville, South Carolina, is the bird girl. Whether cardinal, crow, or canary her personable birdies have a …