Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company

50 Slicers Avenue Sapphire, NC | 828-743-0220
Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company crafts its pizza with care, with respect for tradition, with imagination. And there’s beer. Wonderful, wonderful beer.
Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company
Sapphire, NC | Website

OK, when you’re supposed to review a place call Sapphire Mountain Brewing Company, you’re probably going to focus on The Brews, right?

And I will, I promise.

But I wanted to start with the pizza, the glorious, glorious pizza. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for pizza. Not any pie, mind you, but the variety that’s made with care, with respect for tradition, with imagination. 

When all those conditions are met, when the stars align and the Red Sea parts, a pizza is a transcendent experience.