Scotland Was a Hit


Let me first start my thanking you (Tom’s Golf Tours) and your “in-country” team in Scotland for an amazing golf experience.  My boys and myself could not have asked for better courses, better concierge services, better restaurants or better overall time from the moment we landed until the moment we left.  They are memories that won’t be forgotten any time soon.  However, I need to fill you in on the amazing day that was the first day of our trip. 

If you remember, our departure date was the day that the entire Delta computer system worldwide crashed, and we were traveling via Delta to Amsterdam.  With that unfortunate Delta event came a tremendous amount of skepticism from our group that we would ever leave Atlanta in a timely fashion, or for that matter, within the next 24 hours.  Amazingly, our flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam was the only international flight of Delta’s that left that day.  The rest of the story, as you know, kept getting more and more interesting and better for us.  We got to Edinburgh, hooked up with Andrew, our in-county driver/ concierge, who took care of us for seven days, and we went on to play one of the greatest courses in the world at Carnoustie.  Even with our first day with no sleep, it was awesome. 

Tom, as you are aware, we were not guaranteed to play the “Old Course” at all; as we were in the Ballot/Lottery.  Stewart Smith (Tom’s associate in Scotland) miraculously, at the very last minute, was able to get us on the “Old Course” on our second day of the trip.  All of our group, while playing in the appropriate Scottish rain, scored some of the best scores the four of us have ever achieved.  You have got to admit, day “one” through day “two” had the luck of the Irish or someone looking over us.

All in a day’s work for Tom’s Golf Tours. Thanks again for an incredible trip.

Tom Usilton