A Jewel in the Making

Lavada (pronounced Lah-vay-dah) Rowe is about to emerge from her jeweled chrysalis and try out her ring-making wings.  For a year she’s been consuming information, techniques, and methods for smithing and stone-setting.  

Her focus is lost wax ring carving and casting.  With a history in gem mining, stone-work, and jewelry design (since the age of 13), she continues to follow her passion with the hope of turning it into a full-time business next summer.

Lavada has a degree in business and accounting, so financial management, the bane of many artists, is second-nature to her.  Her sister, Lisa Bennett, a wood-worker and jewel-box designer, is her companion in this venture.  This sister-team is consuming dozens of YouTube tutorials, taking classes, and apprenticing those in the trade.  

One of their dreams is to establish home- and business-events where wine-tasting, dining affairs, etc., are combined with live demonstrations of setting hand-cast gold and silver rings, pendants, and pins with native stones or family heirloom jewels.  Sip, taste, and be entertained, while you watch the making of your personalized
take-home treasure.

The possibilities for design are endless.  A widowed spouse could have his/her beloved’s wedding ring melted and recast into a new, wearable keepsake… a constant reminder of his/her loved one.  Any precious metal rings, earrings, etc. can be recast into exquisite, contemporary creations.

Even though retiring her accountant’s pencil and donning her jeweler’s glass fulltime will happen next year, she and Lisa are already offering home shows.  

Contact her on Facebook, Lavada Rowe or Royally Rowen.  Email: lavadarowe@gmail.com.  And while you’re checking out her fine jewelry, visit Amazon and purchase one of her novels.  Yes, she is also an author, and who knows what’s next?  This girl
is flying!