Forever Farm to the Rescue

Senior dog Bonnie, ready to meet and greet.

On the evening of Valentine’s Day, Friends for Life staffers visited a local retirement home with two of our canine residents.

On a day dedicated to love, what could be better than bringing together senior pets with senior residents?  The time we spent was meant to honor the bond between, not just pets and humans, but the very special relationship seniors have with their animal companions.

At our Forever Farm, a significant portion of our senior and special needs population are sadly, reluctantly, surrendered to us by elderly owners.  In most cases, these owners are facing the challenges of caring for themselves during their twilight years.  These challenges can be financial as well as medical.  As many seniors face these difficult changes: downsizing homes, moving in with their children, or making the move to retirement communities, they are also confronted with the agonizing decision of what to do with their beloved pets. 

In many cases, these pets have been a primary source of companionship for their elderly human. They’ve been the difference between a life of love and friendship, and a life of loneliness.  In some cases, they’re the reason that senior gets out of bed in the morning.

So it is with a great sense of responsibility that we care for these pets when their owner no longer can.  We are proud to offer a retirement home to those loving companions.  It’s also why we were proud to visit the residents of that retirement center with two of our furry residents on Valentine’s Day.  Even if for just a short while, we were able to remind them all of the loving bond they’ve shared in their lives.

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