The Book Nook

364 Main Street Highlands, NC | (828) 526-9415
The Book Nook, nestled in a corner of The Toy Store, is an easy destination for literary delights.
The Book Nook
Highlands, NC | Website

Michelle Bears has gathered an irresistible assortment of titles – New York Times Bestsellers, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Books of Local Interest and Classics – that are just right for a quick read or a cozy get-away-from-it-all session.

And since The Book Nook is tucked in to The Toy Store, you can expect to find a marvelous selection of Children’s’ Books — the unforgettable Classics you grew up with, new Enchantments to capture your child’s heart, and Chapter Books of all flavors. It’s all served up with the mixture of excitement and whimsy that’s a hallmark of The Toy Store.

You’ll find The Book Nook in The Toy Store at 364 Main Street in Highlands. For more information, call (828) 526-9415.