How Dogs Became Man's Best Friend

10:00am-12:00pm, Presenter: Maya Wei-Haas, Cost: $25/$35
How Dogs Became Man's Best Friend
Friday, August 10th | 10:00 am
Center For Life Enrichment

Our lovable fur balls often seem like they are more human than canine. That is, in part, because we’ve bred them to be that way. Research suggests that dogs split from grey wolves tens of thousands of years ago, after a few of the curious pups wandered into the camp of hunter gatherers. This presentation will cover the domestication of dogs and their intelligence, as well as the consequences. Some people would argue that dogs have become more like our babies than like wild beasts. Presenter: Maya Wei-Haas is an Assistant Web Editor at “Smithsonian Magazine”. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry from Ohio State University. Her work has appeared on National Geographic, AGU’s EOS and Plainspoken Scientist. Her stories for National Geographic, “Dogs are Even More Like Us Than We Thought”, 2015, and “One More Reason Dogs Are More Like Us Than We Thought”, 2016, have enlightened dog owners to the canine’s human capabilities. Cost: $25/$35    Coordinator:  Sallie Taylor

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