Journey Back To Joy

No matter where she finds herself, artist Penny Pollock is in the midst of beauty.

Mountain Theatre Company
A Jet-Fueled Valentine: Review of Mountain Theatre Company’s Rock of Ages

Mountain Theatre Company’s Rock of Ages is a jet-fueled (with a splash of Riunite) valentine to the 80s Power Ballad Era, running through August

Chief Holland

Highlands Police Chief Andrea ‘Sissy’ Holland puts a sunny face on a grueling job.

So Much To Talk About

The sisters saw it first – the love between Wendy Strong and Sam Lupas was meant to be. The obstacles vanished with a kiss.

The Sumptuousness of Primary

Season’s Bounty

The Plateau’s two green markets are a celebration of the landscape’s bounty and a tribute to the men and women who make it all possible.

Weekend Concerts

Lace up your dancing shoes – Highlands’ free weekend concerts return next month – Friday nights at Town Square and Saturday evenings at

The Bear & the Bands

The talent’s already lining up for the third incarnation of the Bear Shadow Music Festival, set for April 28-30. For ticketing and more information


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Peggy Crosby Center

When it was time for The Literacy Council of Highlands to move to larger offices, the Peggy Crosby Center was sad to see them go, but happy for the role it played in providing the space that helped nurture LCH’s growth. When LCH’s offices were vacated, PCC acted quickly with a remodel of the 1735-square-foot space. Before that facelift launched, …

For Women, By Women

When the Highlands Cashiers Players decided to perform “Calendar Girls” for their Spring production, an idea began to form in the minds of Laurel Publishers Janet Cummings and Marjorie Christiansen, and their Studio 106 partners, Susan Renfro and Colleen Kerrigan.  The play, based on the true story of a group of middle-aged English women who decide to pose nude for …

Being the Inspiration

Jerry Moore’s year as President of the Rotary Club of Highlands had the theme “Be the Inspiration.”   When he began the year he noted that all big projects begin with individual small steps – and when an entire Rotary Club takes those small steps together, a lot gets accomplished. “Looking forward, that’s how I think we can be an …

Dear Immigrants

Dear Immigrants,  Thank you for choosing to leave your homes and families and to gain a new life of freedom. A freedom that we enjoy now, 399 years after you landed in Plymouth Harbor. You gave up the comfort of your home and family along with the lives of sons, husbands and brothers to ensure we gained and retain that …

Critter Camp

The Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society has launched an all-new summer camp program called Critter Camp.  The CHHS Critter Camp is five days in length and is open to rising first-graders through rising sixth-graders. The week of camp features fun, immersive, and interactive experiences with animals at the no-kill shelter; humane education programs including canine body language and dog bite prevention, responsible …

Put Your Best Hoof Forward

Since October of last year, two of the horses of Carpe Diem Farms, Sweet Pea and Battersea Tracy, have expanded the exposure of the farm around the globe. Both horses, for reasons which will always be a mystery, suffered hoof abscesses, different though similar, which went rogue in each horse’s hoof, and was life threatening. The old adage, “No hoof, …

Don’t be Rattled

Summer brings out the leaves, flowers and the snakes. Many people are afraid of these scaled, legless creatures. However, most snakes found in Western North Carolina are harmless to people, and can even be helpful to have around as they help with pest control.  Red Belly Snakes and Brown Snakes are good against slugs and snails and rat snakes help …

Mrs. Mermaid North Carolina

Of all the places you’d expect to see a mermaid, the mountains certainly isn’t one of them. But freshwater mermaids have populated our lakes and rivers as long as their saltwater cousins have lived in the ocean. One in particular has called the Plateau home for the last five years.  On land, her name is Brittany Gordon. A lifelong resident …

Bee Buddies

Rose Mary Achey first began beekeeping five years ago when she attended her first “Bee School.”  Local Bee Clubs typically offer schools in the early spring to help educate new beekeepers.  Her interest in raising bees derived from a desire to pollinate her lavender.  It’s been a steep learning curve but as she gained more knowledge about the fragile but …

Putnam’s Lincoln Literary Series

Scores of books have been written about our Abraham Lincoln and his Civil War success, but very little is known about the unmarried, fresh-faced lawyer living in the frontier in Illinois.   Author Jonathan F. Putnam brings this unseen side of our most famous president into the light with his Lincoln & Speed Mystery series. Based on real cases from …

Uff-da, the Magnificent

Years ago I visited a rescue facility,the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland, Florida. There I met the beautiful and talented Uff-da. Uff-da is a Black Vulture, commonly called a buzzard, and before you go “blech,” let me tell you why I fell in love with her. I walked into her screened compound. She was with her committee …

Your Scribe Tribe

Gotta write? Wanna write? Looking for your “Scribe Tribe?” Well, look no further!   The Highlands Writers Group welcomes all writers, from the experienced, even published, to those, perhaps literally, just thinking about dipping a quill into an inkwell.   Our diverse roster includes poets, memoirists, essayists, songwriters, novelists, at least one playwright, as well as short- and short-short fiction …