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Holy Week at The Village Green

The heartbreak and joy of the Holy Week are celebrated at The Village Green of Cashiers, Good Friday, April 15, through Easter Sunday, April 17. To learn more about The Village Green and these events or make a donation, visit villagegreencashiersnc.com.

Heritage & History-Rich Highlands, NC

An unlikely confluence of natural treasures, events, and quirky personalities created the endlessly surprising Highlands community that continues to beguile.

Real Estate. Real People. Country Club Properties

A trio of professionals (including our Mary Jane McCall) have joined the team at Country Club Properties. For more information, visit ccphighlandsnc.com.

Keeping It Green & Clean | Cashiers Chamber of Commerce

Keeping the highways and byways around Cashiers in pristine condition takes a small army of dedicated men and women.

Busy Times | Rotary Clubs of Highlands and Cashiers

Local Rotarians are embracing the challenges of philanthropy.

Literacy & Learning

A GED from The Literacy & Learning Center is a Golden Ticket to a vast world.

Reflecting on the Past 20 Years | Carpe Diem Farms

Though her attention is clearly focused on the busy year ahead, Sue takes a few moments to cast her gaze to the early days of this magazine and her plunge into painting.

Notes From Cat Companions

Though they’d tell us that every day is National Cat Day, felines across the country are probably overjoyed (it’s hard to tell) that the Ladies Who Love Them finally get a day of their own.

Welcoming Michael Schoonover | Highlands Dermatology

Michael Schoonover joins the dynamic team at Highlands Dermatology. Find out more about Michael and Highlands Dermatology at highlandsdermatology.com or call (828) 526-1232.

Let’s Look at Both Sides!

Pain doesn’t need to be your everyday companion – there are some sensible, safe steps you can take to liberate your life!

Pilates: The Internal Shower

The careful application of the principles of Pilates can rejuvenate the body and refocus the mind.

The Heart & Start of it

For Delaine and Steve Mehder, their differences have somehow led to an abiding complementary love that will not be denied.