A Silver For the Green

In 1992, with the vision of one and the hard work of many, the center of Cashiers was saved from becoming the site of a hotel chain. Three area residents purchased the property and donated it to a charitable 501(c)3 organization to preserve the land for the community.  The Village Green was established with the mission to preserve and enhance the land for civic, spiritual, academic, recreational and cultural activities. 

Now, 25 years later, The Village Green continues to be a park for the people.   

The founders set out to create a free, public space that would maintain the mountain lifestyle unique to Cashiers.  Another community leader, William Pulley, donated a large tract of land in honor of his granddaughter in 1994. Kara Leigh Pulley Park, located in the center of The Village Green, has small picnic shelters and a larger picnic pavilion used for birthday parties and other special occasion gatherings.  In 2002, the expansive children’s playground known as the Village Play was designed by area youth and and constructed by more than 150 community volunteers. The Village Green Commons, the venue for Groovin’ On the Green, was created as an additional rustic, open-air structure for multiple uses.  The most recent addition to the park is the beautiful, therapeutic Hayes Fairchild Memorial Garden tucked along the central pathway. Since that original acquisition 25 years ago, The Village Green has grown to encompass meandering walking paths, a wetlands boardwalk, exceptional sculpture, and many beautiful gardens. The Village Green is enjoyed by thousands of visitors and home to many large community events every year. 

Please join us at 4:00 p.m. Friday, September 22, in the Gazebo at the crossroads to celebrate our Silver Jubilee with a cake and ice cream birthday party.  To learn more about The Village Green and this event or to make a donation, call (828) 743-3434 or visit villagegreencashiersnc.com.