More S’mores Kids Klothes

Left to Right: Owners Tom and Sharon James, Kate Nielsen, manager and Marni

S’more [smôre] noun – a sweet snack consisting of a chocolate bar and toasted marshmallows sandwiched between graham crackers. 1930’s: a contraction of some more. 

What could be more appealing?  Sharon and Tom James named their store after that traditional nighttime campfire treat that conjures up delightful memories of nights spent with family and friends in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  

Moreover, when they launched their first store, Sharon was focused on the fact the kids outgrow their clothes quickly and it seems they always needed s’more and s’more and s’more…pun intended.  So, all things considered S’More Kids Klothes seemed like a natural.

According to Sharon James, the stores in Cashiers, and now On the Hill in Highlands, embody the warm feelings of days and nights spent with family and friends.  Maybe that is why, besides high-quality yet affordable children’s fashion clothing, people love coming to S’Mores.  There they can find quality yet affordable clothing from Spanish designer Mayoral or from Joules, which hails from Great Britain, pet the affable store mascot Marni, a standard parti poodle who always wants s’more chin scratches, and a super friendly staff led by eight-year veteran of S’Mores, Kate Nielsen.

“We’ve clothed many children since they were toddlers and even when they outgrow our clothing, they drop in from time to time to see how we’re doing, pet Marni, and check out the latest in kid’s fashion,” says Sharon.  

Sharon and Tom opened their first S’More Kids Klothes store in April 2011 in Cashiers, and the second just opened in May of this year in Highlands.  Sharon and store manager Kate agree that the combination of adorable children’s clothing and superb service are the key ingredients to success.  To better serve their clientele is why S’Mores began offering crib and high-chair rentals to the many families with young children who vacation in Cashiers, Sapphire, Glenville, and Highlands.

As they continually strive to improve, S’Mores now offers Mayoral children’s shoes, available for the first time in the USA this year. 

Sharon’s commitment to customer service began long before she opened S’Mores.  As chief of staff to two Florida state senators, Sharon’s forte was
constituent relations.     

“I think my background in the Senate makes customer service easy,” says Sharon. “I have always been focused on service to the public and I bring that commitment to our customers.”  

They also are dedicated to supporting their community as evidenced by their beginning what has now become a tradition in Cashiers, the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

 Shoppers love the look of their stores. 

Sharon says, “People think our stores are good looking, friendly and not over-crowded.  I am drawn to a simple, attractive setting, so that the clothing becomes the focal point and speaks for itself.”  Unlike the new store in Highlands, which focuses entirely on new clothing and gifts, the Cashiers store has room for consignment clothing and make-your-own “fun stations” where kids can make personalized spa bubbles, lip gloss, and bath gel. 

So, when you need a new Sunday dress with that perfect matching hair bow, a shower gift for an expecting mom, a pair of new shoes for a grandchild, or just want to visit and enjoy the company, you’ll always be welcome at S’More Kids Klothes.  In Cashiers at  549 Highway 107 South, (828) 743-7876; and Highlands, 223 S. 4th Street, (828) 787-1023.