Decor Trends Are Shifting, Acorns on Church

Visions of the ideal mountain home no longer revolve around twig and bark with massive leather sofas and bearskin rugs. Fresh, clean modern lines are showing up everywhere.  

Also out the window are hard-and-fast rules about a consistent theme. Today’s homeowners create more interesting spaces by mixing old and new and bringing their own personal preferences into the space, even if it is a cottage or coastal feel in a Highlands mountain home. 

New home buyers are eschewing over-furnished spaces with an eye toward simplicity and openness. And homeowners who haven’t consistently updated their interiors along the way are calling for a whole new look. This drives many of our customers into the store for design help to figure out where to start and how to do it right. 

We visit their home to come up with a plan that incorporates modern style while maximizing the home’s architecture and catering to their own personal taste. This might involve editing out some furnishings and bringing in a few key pieces like a sofa and maybe some modern abstract wall art. Sometimes it’s a wholesale redesign including new paint colors and window treatments. 

If you’re on a mission toward the modern, don’t be afraid to mix styles − a vintage end table with a modern lamp, for instance. Bar carts are experiencing a resurgence right now, which makes for an easy way to give your home an updated feel. 

Please come visit us at Acorns on Church with your design challenges or vision. Bring us photos of your home along with something that inspires you from a magazine. We love scouting shops for finds that help bring your vision to life. For free in-home design services, call us at (828) 787-2640 or visit Acorns on Church in downtown Highlands.