Celebrating the South with Soulful Color

If Art existed as a map, Nancy Everett would poke colorful pins all over the places (mediums and styles) she’s enjoyed.  It’s safe to assume most of them are way outside the lines. 

With a BFA in Art from the University of Georgia, Nancy loves to spend time exploring her creative calling.  Of course, Art never nudged out family and jobs, but it never took a hiatus either, for her artistic map is embedded deep in her psyche.  Who knows where it will take her next. Chances are it’s to a farm where the likes of Mildred, the-cow-with-attitude, tells her what to chews next.  Perhaps she’ll tour a garden or an historical site.  There, armed with her trusty camera, she’ll capture one picture-perfect composition after another.  Later those images will somersault into a tumble of color, line, and, light onto her canvases.

Since the age of six Nancy has spent her life in Georgia in the A-cities: Atlanta, Alpharetta, and finally Athens, her college town and current home.  While the metropolis of Atlanta nurtured her in important ways, the bucolic countryside outside Athens all the way up to Dillard (where her sister recently moved) and further north to Highlands satisfies her soul in ways a metropolitan area simply cannot.  Big cities don’t have barns, rolling farmland, fields of sunflowers, and acres of animal faces, oh, the animal faces. 

Remember those colorful pins?  They are little imaginary studs dotting the landscape from mid-Georgia to the Blue Ridge.  You may not see them at their origin, but you’ll see their energy at Nancy’s website, nancyeverettart.com, and in each of her works at Smitten’s Third Thursday, October 19.  The time is 5:30 P.M. ‘til the fat lady sings and the cows (particularly Mildred) come home. Smitten’s address is 468 Main Street, downtown Highlands.  Call (828) 526-9300 for hours of operation.