Back in My Hometown, Michael Cox

Michael Cox

Michael Cox works in real estate with his mother at Betsy Paul Properties in Cashiers, and has done so for the past eight years.

 First moving to the area when he was in second grade, Cox has since lived throughout the nation and in foreign countries, but has managed to find his way back to the Cashiers area.

“From then I had the opportunity to live in other places…But it’s kind of nice to be back in your hometown,” said Cox.

Cox went to high school in Asheville and then on to college in Washington D.C. He said he figured that a larger city would have much more to do than a city the size of Asheville.

“Well, it seemed like there was the same amount of cool stuff, but it was 10 times more spread out,” he said. “And that’s where I realized the size of the place isn’t everything and actually having this nice version of an American town to live in, Highlands and Cashiers, is really nice.”

Other things that are a draw to the area are a lack of traffic and visiting the local coffee shop and seeing people he knows.

As the Summer Season quickly approaches, Cox said he looks forward to restaurants opening up again, the nicer weather, and the return of friends that had left for the off-season.

“It’s really good to get a chance to see people again,” he said. “I think the people are the secret.”

In terms of entertainment, Cox said events like Groovin’ On the Green in Cashiers and live music on Fridays and Saturdays in Highlands are convenient spots
 to visit.

“You don’t have to think extra, you don’t have to make a plan at the end of the week, you can just go there and relax,” he said. “It’s an easy solution.”

His top three favorite outdoor activities include swimming in Lake Glenville, hiking at the Iron Bridge, and hiking
Whiteside Mountain, especially if you know the area well enough to visit The
Devil’s Courthouse.

When grabbing lunch while visiting the Plateau, Cox recommends Chile Loco Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Cashiers for really “great and authentic Mexican food.”

He added that his number one choice for dinner is the Log Cabin Restaurant  in Highlands and strongly suggests ordering something off of the Pasta Menu.

“Try splitting one of their pasta dishes as an appetizer,” he said.