The Village Hound

Cashiers, NC

For animal lovers, their most beloved stories always start with a pet. Such is the case for the owner of The Village Hound in Cashiers, Lee Boone Dages.

The tale of how she came to Cashiers is filled with animals of all types. But Sherlock Holmes really started it all. While living in Chicago, her family adopted this sweet Rottweiler. He developed an incurable intestinal disease that required special food preparation. Lee took over and created his special tasty treat that became a business of its own – Once Upon A Dog.

After moving to Florida from Chicago, Lee started The Bradenton Hound located next to a popular breakfast spot. She renovated the space and turned it into what later became the predecessor to her store in Cashiers.

As Dages describes her inventory, “It’s a mix of new, antique, vintage and repurposed pieces.” The shop is filled with a carefully arranged mélange of furniture, accessories, gifts, rugs, art, and all things dog. Look carefully and you’ll discover several Hermes scarves and ties tucked among vintage place settings and whimsical napkins. Travel to the back of the house where you’ll find her incredible selection of canine couture.

Dog leashes and harnesses line the walls for breeds of all sizes. One vintage armoire holds her selection of doggie dresses while another is dedicated to the more rugged breeds. Dages knows her customers love to take their dogs with them when hiking and boating so she stocks safety vests, flotation vests, and backpacks.

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Is it true that people come to the mountains to shop? You bet! Most stores in the Highlands-Cashiers area are owner-operated. This means enjoying a level of personal attention unheard of at the mall. Many businesses have been here for decades and have become a destination for generations of shoppers.


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