The Kitchen CarryAway & Catering

Highlands, NC

Tantalizing aromas drift down Highlands’ Fifth Street as Holly Roberts and her dedicated staff prepare an ever-widening array of taste-tempting casseroles, hearty soups and delectable hors d’oeuvres. Check out The Kitchen’s Facebook page to see what’s new and exciting for this season.

Remember to stop by The Kitchen CarryAway anytime you need something nourishing and tasty — whether it’s for a simple evening meal or an evening of entertaining, The Kitchen can feed your guests in style.

Need a good side dish or an appetizer for that “just planned” get-together? Stop by the Kitchen Carry Away to select items from the freezer. You’ll be able to choose from several different casseroles, a variety of soups, appetizers, hors d oeuvres and desserts. Vegetarians applaud Holly’s recent offering Veggie Bake — a sumptuous layer of cheese grits with mixed beans, squash, kale and tomatoes. This is great as an entrée or a side dish. Have you tried her Lemon Pepper Boursin? Don’t miss this tasty appetizer.

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