The Corner Store

Cashiers, NC

Visit the Corner Store to peruse the extensive merchandise.  You will find cherished treasures for every member of your family.  The reading glasses with LED lights are perfect for reading in dark areas-think restaurants, cars or after your mate has gone night-night.  The “reader” sunglasses are so stylish that you’ll want a pair or two, even if you don’t need the magnification.  When you have been looking for pill boxes, credit card cases to protect cards from theft, small tape measures or a small lady’s hammer, come to the
Corner Store.

Youngsters are mesmerized by the “green” toys made from recycled resources.  Large wooden school buses, dump trucks, and tea sets share the shelves with puzzles from Melissa and Doug, plus old-fashioned wooden toys like a Jacob’s ladder, marbles, dominoes and more. Grandparents love to test their history knowledge with the grandchildren as they review the many historic documents-pictures of U.S. Presidents, state capitals and geography tidbits.

When little girls are looking for costumes for dress up, the Corner Store has just what they want.  Finger paints, markers, stuffed animals (in really unusual shapes like an E-Coli, or mad-cow disease), children’s books, Legos and puzzles will entertain children for hours.

There is no better place to find tasteful greeting cards or hostess gifts than the Corner Store.  You’ll love the Northern Lights candles, pottery by Mary Hadley and Green Tree Jewelry.  Open Monday through Saturday from 10ish to 5ish.  Call (828) 743-6267.

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Is it true that people come to the mountains to shop? You bet! Most stores in the Highlands-Cashiers area are owner-operated. This means enjoying a level of personal attention unheard of at the mall. Many businesses have been here for decades and have become a destination for generations of shoppers.


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