Cashiers, NC

A fabulous place to go when you want to pamper yourself with some of the best travel clothes on this side of The Pond: Narcissus, in Cashiers, North Carolina.

Perched on the corner of the crossroads in Cashiers, North Carolina in a little cottage, the modest exterior of Narcissus does not betray the secrets within. Most of the clothes offered in this part of the world resemble two part ensembles of a jacket with short sleeves over peg leg pants in a sherbert color. Thankfully, Narcissus frees us from that torture by making available some of the most sophisticated and understated clothes from abroad. Owner Guiliana Kaufman is an Italian native who stumbled upon the sleepy Southern town of Cashiers, North Carolina and decided to share some European taste and practicality with this charming little village.

Everything from the most incredibly perfect travel t-shirts, to the famous Mycra Pac raincoats, to the jewelry of renowed artist GoGo Ferguson awaits in this tiny jewel of a store. Some labels and makers are not easily found in the U.S., but they are available in this tiny shop in the middle of the ultra-conservative Southern foothills. This is a place where everything seems fabulous, but it comes with a lesson that less is more, and here’s how you pull it off.

Do not come here expecting a bargain. Guiliana’s pieces are not inexpensive and she only has a sale right before she returns to Italy for the winter. Expect to pay for what you get, but expect to get a lot for your money. Everything wears beautifully and travels perfectly and lasts for several seasons. You’ll find her in the summer season at the crossroads in Cashiers!

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Is it true that people come to the mountains to shop? You bet! Most stores in the Highlands-Cashiers area are owner-operated. This means enjoying a level of personal attention unheard of at the mall. Many businesses have been here for decades and have become a destination for generations of shoppers.


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