Highlands Aerial Park

Scaly Mountain, GA

Experienced guides take you on a fantastic journey across 17 elements, including 8 zip lines.  Zip lining from tree to tree allows you to enjoy all of our beautiful scenery of Highlands, NC.

Great for beginners or those a little apprehensive about the experience!  A shorter version zip line tour of our beautiful mountains consisting of the 1st four lines of the World Class Canopy Tour.

A tree to tree experience designed with the whole family in mind!  Kids and grandparents love this course!


Whether you want to tackle a mountain or sit by a stream, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. This is a premier golf destination, but there’s so much more available. There are streams to fish, public pools and tennis courts to enjoy and playgrounds, too. Winter sports include ice skating, skiing, tubing and hiking.


Recreation Activity