Bella Cotn and Bee Bags

Cashiers, NC

Owner Diane Brady co-founded Bee Bags with her sister Ginny in 2011. In the years since, the business has evolved into what is now Bella Cotn and Bee Bags. They proudly feature sleepwear, apparel, shoes, boots, and accessories for the chic, sophisticated woman. Bella Cotn pajamas are manufactured in Peru using the world’s finest pima cotton known for its exceptional durability, softness, and billiant luster. Words cannot describe how soft these pajamas are! Bee Bags handbags are handcrafted on site using the finest Italian and South American leather hides. Each and every Bee Bag is a one-of-a-kind creation. Stop in and make yourself at home at Bella Cotn and Bee Bags!

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Is it true that people come to the mountains to shop? You bet! Most stores in the Highlands-Cashiers area are owner-operated. This means enjoying a level of personal attention unheard of at the mall. Many businesses have been here for decades and have become a destination for generations of shoppers.


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