Rotarian David Jellison

For Highlands Rotarian David Jellison, the notion of Service Above Self resonates here on the Plateau and far beyond.

And Then There were 23

The siren call of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society’s cats and dogs extends far beyond the Plateau. And people respond.

28 Acres of Generosity

The Plateau’s premier conservation group has extended its domain by 28 acres, thanks to the generosity of Little Bear Pen LLC.

Becoming a Horse Dog at Carpe Diem Farms

The arrival of Jethro is an emphatic declaration that Carpe Diem Farms is happily going to the dogs.

Power of Dreams

A special exhibition at the Bascom,  “Freewheeling: The Allure of the Automobile in Contemporary Art” runs from May 11–August 21. The

Chuck Leavell, The Tree Man

Bear Shadow Festival Rock Star Chuck Leavell’s long, strange journey began with the magic of Ray Charles and led through worldwide fame with

Hiking Trail
All Around Earth Day

A lower-key, more personal celebration is on tap for this year’s Earth Day, set for April 22.

How ‘bout Them Apples?

The noble apple tree finally gets its day in the sun with The Cashiers Historical Society’s Heritage Apple Day, set for Saturday, March 27

Winter Cover Photo Contest

As we’re all focused on the arrival of spring, don’t forget those memories of winter. Laurel Magazine is saving a spot for you in its Winter

Shadow of the Bear in Winter
The Secret Season

During the winter to early-spring months, the Cashiers-Highlands high-elevation Plateau comes alive during a “secret season.”


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Tracking Slatten

On a Civil War battlefield, Confederate Cpl. Jeptha P. Slatten lay on the ground, wounded but still alive.  Despite the pain of his wounds he was mentally disassociated from the violence and chaos around him and laid there pretending to be dead.  Many hours later a doctor at the nearest medical-aid station, amputated Jeptha’s wounded arm and threw it on …

Harry Moments

In the early 1900s, Highlands’ go-to doc was the highly-regarded Dr. Mary E. Lapham.  When she left to head a Red Cross Mission in war-torn Europe, the Red Cross sent a trained nurse replacement, Miss Margaret Harry, to work with the mountain folk. From 1920-28 Margaret ran a five-bed health clinic in Highlands’ Masonic Hall. Town folk were so fond …

The Future of Wine

I have seen the future in wine, 25 years into the future to be precise. There will be a new generation of wine thinkers, innovators, renegades if you will. There first step will be to adopt a totally arbitrary level of alcohol that no well-made or balanced wine should exceed.  They will be motivated by a belief that the only good …

Basil Instincts

Ken Knight of Highlands spent 30 years in the Navy.  During that time, he was constantly moving to locales far too numerous to mention.  He served in both the Vietnam War and Desert Storm.   Does he miss his travelling days?  He laughs and says, “Not at all.  I saw everything I wanted to see and some things I’d rather …

Carrot Walnut Bread

Cold winter days call for a nice fireplace and a warm slice of homemade bread. Moist and slightly sweet, this healthy, chewy bread is great for breakfast or with some soup. It is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The veggies can hardly be tasted in this bread, making this recipe perfect for veggie haters, as they won’t recognize the …

You Had Me at Champagne

Nothing says “romance” quite like champagne and no house epitomizes champagne like Domaine Laurent-Perrier.  On Friday, January 22, Old Edwards Inn will present a remarkable evening of epicurean creations expertly paired with Laurent-Perrier Champagne. The House of Laurent-Perrier was founded in 1812 and has gone on to win a host of awards throughout the years.  Domaine Laurent-Perrier is located in Tours-sur-Marne, a …

Adapting to Bears

Nicholas Gould, a North Carolina State University doctoral student, has a bear of a job…and he couldn’t be happier.   In partnership with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the university, he’s part of a five-year black bear study ending 2018.  This is the first North Carolina study that focuses on the ecology of bears living in an urban/suburban …

Wood Duck

This adult male in breeding plumage is found on quiet wooded ponds and, in the spring, perched high in forest trees. Nests are built in tree cavities and large nest boxes. Wood Duck feed mainly on acorns and seeds. The female emits a penetrating squeal–ooEEK ooEEK—while the male call is a thin, high and extended jeweep or sweeooo, kip kip …

Rose to the Occasion

Remember the movie “Love Story,” when  Ali McGraw told Ryan O’Neal, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry?”   Well, if you’ve got roses, you’ll probably agree, since roses are the language of love, and their love story can last well after you’re gone.  Longevity is just one of their strong suits, as they’ve been around for centuries.  There …

HBS Summer Preview

Each summer the Highlands Biological Station offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, lectures, camps, and hikes for every member of our community.   Whether you’re interested in the in-depth study of special topics relevant to the southern Appalachian Mountain environment, wanting to explore new hiking trails and add new knowledge to your understanding of the beautiful Highlands landscape, or …

Fox Pups

Most red fox activity occurs at night, but daytime movements are not uncommon. The red fox mates once a year, and in North Carolina, this generally occurs in January. The pups are born during late February through April. Five pups is an average litter, and they are born in a den that the parents dug themselves or that was dug …

Think Rink

With winter’s icy breath enveloping the mountains, the desire for typical outdoor activities wanes in many.  However, those daring enough to brave the cold on the plateau and venture outside will soon have another opportunity for outdoor winter recreation. This year, Highlands is fortunate enough to open an ice skating rink to help quell the cabin fever that often accompanies the …