Mike & Dooley

A pair of Highlanders spread the good news and random wackiness far beyond the confines of their little mountain town.
Tug Helmer, Megan McLain, and Craig Eister

A Filet and a Play

Highlands Cashiers Players will spotlight a quartet of funny one-act plays at its March Dinner Theater, March 15-17 and March 22-24.
Avocado Glowing Skin Pudding

Glowing Skin Pudding

Packed with vital nutrients and bursting with flavor, this easy-to-make dessert looks like something served in a Star Wars cantina.

Hillrie Quin

Heralding Hillrie Quin

Hillrie Quin’s service is predicated upon a reverence for nature and a deep commitment to his neighbors.
Nicole Taylor, CDF Student Intern and Sue M. Blair, Executive Director

Easy’s Slipper Study at UF

Easy’s Slipper is scientifically tested under real-life conditions.

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The Mckinney Spring, Cashiers History
Dr. Marco Chavarria, Highlands-Cashiers Hospital

Photo by Korah McDonald

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Easy’s Slipper Study at UF
Published on
2018/03 - March
Easy’s Slipper is scientifically tested under real-life conditions.  more
25 Years of Carpe Diem
Published on
2017/03 - March
A crazy dream and an unshakeable faith led to the formation of Carpe Diem Farms 25 years ago.  more
A Family Friendly Affair
Published on
2017/09 - September
With a little bit of time to breathe, Carpe Diem Farms begins to plan its 25th anniversary celebration.  more
A Most Wonderful Time at Carpe Diem Farms
Published on
2017/12 - December
The Christmas Season is a a time of reflection and gratitude at Carpe Diem Farms.  more
A Silver Celebration
Published on
2017/01 - Winter
There’s plenty to celebrate at Carpe Diem Farms this year, thanks to a wise stable of horses and a creative, committed staff.  more
Building Stable Relationships
Published on
2017/04 - April
The bond between horses and girls and women is deep and almost mystical. Carpe Diem Farms nurtures this special relationship.  more
Calling All Volunteers
Published on
2017/05 - May
A small team of good-natured volunteers is needed to help Carpe Diem Farms get spruced up for the season.  more
Carpe Diem Gallops Ahead
Published on
2017/07 - July
After an extremely busy spring, the days at Carpe Diem Farm have somehow gotten even more stimulating.  more
Changing the Lives of Horses at Carpe Diem Farms
Published on
2018/01 - Winter
Thanks to some special horses at Carpe Diem Farms, horses around the world have been given a new lease on life.  more
Continued Blessings at Carpe Diem Farms
Published on
2017/10 - October
Carpe Diem Farms exists in an endless cycle of blessings received and blessings given.   more