Lakeside Restaurant

531 Smallwood Avenue Highlands, NC | (828) 526-9419
A unique fine dining experience on Harris Lake in Highlands, NC featuring fresh seafood, an extensive wine list and excellent service.
Lakeside Restaurant
Highlands, NC | Website

Part of Lakeside's recognition comes from Lakeside’s superb menu, which emphasizes carefully prepared dishes made from the freshest ingredients.
That means you can start off your meal with appetizers like the Mussels Sofritto, a hearty blending of peppers, jalapenos, cilantro and chorizo broth; or grilled sea scallops over a black bean cake with chipotle relish and avocado mousse; or the flash fried Goat Cheese Salad with seasonal fruit, mixed greens and a roasted shallot citrus vinaigrette.
But these appetizers are just place setters for the unforgettable entrees that await.
A little mountain town hundreds of miles from the coast is one of the last places you’d expect to find a solid selection of seafood, but Lakeside manages to pull off the feat with its customary panache.