Fressers Courtyard Cafe

470 Oak Street Highlands, NC | (828) 526-8847
Fressers offers many of the dishes that made them famous, like their Angus Burger and Fresser Fries.
Fressers Courtyard Cafe
Highlands, NC | Website

In returning to her roots, Debbie’s captured the feel of an inherently languid dining experience. Part of that is derived from the beauty of the setting – the Village Square courtyard is ringed by arching trees and, if you listen carefully, you’ll hear a variety of birds singing. It’s hard to believe this little bistro is just one block from the summer crowds of Main Street.
And a portion of that experience comes from Debbie herself. She’s a force of nature – loquacious, quick with a joke, and relentlessly cheerful. When you place your order (at the counter), you’re dealing with Debbie. She’ll welcome you, offer her frank appraisal of her menu and prepare your order right in front of you. It’s a polished performance that’s testament to a lifetime spent learning the intricacies of fresh ingredients, heat and the subtle application of spice.