Cyprus International Cuisine

332 Main Street Highlands, NC | (828) 526-4429
This venerable Highlands institution, celebrating 15 years, is a full-on sensory seduction.
Cyprus International Cuisine
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Say what you will about Cyprus, there’s nothing subtle about your dining experience.   

This venerable Highlands institution, celebrating 15 years, is a full-on sensory seduction.

First off, there’s its wonderful setting – nestled in the heart of Highlands’ Main Street. If the weather’s right, you can enjoy your meal on its bistro-like rooftop patio, and the experience is sublime. With a little imagination, you’re in Europe and the world is continuing apace without you.

If the patio is filled or the weather has turned sketchy, you’ll find yourself seated indoors, which may sound like a step down, but really isn’t. That’s because owner/chef Nick Figel has devoted just as much imagination to the design of his main Dining Room. Done up in a bold paint scheme, the walls are adorned with an eclectic assortment of African and Asian artifacts that reflect the international flavor of the menu. 

But no matter where you end up in the Dining Room, you need to give more than just a glance into the Open Kitchen, where Figel and his culinary artists are turning out those surprising menu features. It’s an endlessly entertaining show, somehow effortless yet drenched with import – like one of those plate spinners on “ Ed Sullivan Show.” Do not miss these performances!

And that leads us to the heart of The Cyprus Experience and this review. Cyprus offers a kaleidoscopically varied menu of regional dishes, which means that the dishes we enjoyed may not be available when you visit.