Bella’s Junction Cafe

20 Old Mud Creek Road Scaly Mountain, NC | (828) 526-0803
At Bella’s Junction Cafe, the emphasis is on the food, lovingly prepared and served with panache.
Bella’s Junction Cafe
Scaly Mountain, NC | Website

When you visit Bella’s Junction Cafe in Scaly, you’d better restrain your inner foodie, ‘cause, Diner, you’re about to have an all-out affair with fine cuisine. The aroma, the taste, the crunchy, creamy, juicy textures, and the whole lip-smacking experience are reason enough to thank God for the invention of elastic.

Bella’s is a small family-owned business co-owned by Gloria Carapazza and Billy Ezechel. Chef, cooks, waiters, and kitchen crew are all family members. They make everything they serve including salad dressings, marinades, breads, pastas, desserts, and much more.