Skyline Lodge

470 Skyline Drive Highlands, NC | (828) 526-2121
Skyline Lodge is truly unique in the variety of accomodations available. Rooms with balconies, fireplaces, pet rooms, and private cabins.
Skyline Lodge
Highlands, NC | Website

The Skyline Lodge & Restaurant is located three miles from Highlands, North Carolina. Situated on top of Flat Mountain, 4,300 feet into the clear mountain air where the natural beauty of the Nantahala National Forest is but a short hike or drive from our main entrance.

Fifty acres of old growth conifer and hardwood forest surrounds you at The Skyline Lodge. With a tranquil mill pond at theĀ gate and the splash of a running waterfall below the balconies on one side and a view of the sunset in the mountains on the other, The Skyline Lodge features rooms with a view!