Superpowers in the Digital Age: U.S., China, Russia Competition

10:00am-12:00pm, Presenter: Ira Cooperman, Cost: $25/$35
Superpowers in the Digital Age: U.S., China, Russia Competition
Wednesday, August 8th | 10:00 am
Center For Life Enrichment

China, Russia and the United States today are challenging each other for economic, military and political primacy. Which nation will dominate the world’s geopolitics in the coming decade? Will American initiatives in the Far East counteract China’s attempts to control the region? Do the asymmetries of power in the Digital Age make the “superpower” concept less relevant? Join a former intelligence officer who has had experience in Asia as we explore this U.S., China, Russia diplomatic triangle. (SMSIA) Presenter: Ira Cooperman  has worked as an intelligence analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and the military. He is an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War and a former member of the editorial staff of the Los Angeles Times. Since 2005, he has taught Road Scholar and Special Studies courses at the Chautauqua Institution and has lectured at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, State University of New York and Temple University. Cost: $25/$35 Coordinator: Ed Mawer

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