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Pots on the Green

The Village Green is proud to present a new event this season, Pots On the Green. This two day celebration of pottery and ceramic art will be from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25.
Pots on the Green
Saturday, June 24th to Sunday, June 25th
The Village Green

The Village Green is proud to present a new event this season, Pots On the Green.  This two day celebration of pottery and ceramic art will be from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25 at The Village Green Gazebo and Lawn near the crossroads of Highways 64 and 107 in Cashiers.  The festival will host 14 select invitational potters from across the region.  Pots On the Green provides a venue for high quality clay artists to educate and engage with residents and visitors to the Cashiers area.  

An exceptional variation of work, ranging from dinnerware and serving pieces to sculptural and decorative art, will be on display and available for purchase during Pots On the Green.  The artists will be present to discuss their work and answer questions as to inspiration, use and care of their handcrafted, pottery.  The festival will also feature two live pottery demonstrations and a entertaining glimpse into the history of nearby Pisgah Forest Pottery and Walter B. Stephen who established the first full-time art pottery studio in the state of North Carolina.

Admission is with a suggested $5 donation benefiting The Village Green.  The lawn area will be tented for the festival, so the event is rain or shine.  For more information, visit The Village Green website at www.villagegreencashiersnc.com, email info@villagegreencashiersnc.com or call 828.743.3434.


Justin Allman  

Justin creates work inspired from Japanese woodcuts and tattoos.  His pottery features visuals with the mountains in mind. His art brings together cultures, styles and his personal search for balance and self fulfillment resulting in a unique pottery style all his own.


Maria Andrade Troya 

Maria comes from a long line of bakers. Continuing this tradition of kneading and baking, she works with a combination of water, clay (instead of flour) and fire to make colorful treats for the kitchen.


Travis Berning

When you look at Travis’ pottery you can almost feel his life coming through in every facet of his art. His childhood on a farm in Western Kansas made him love the combination of hands-on physicality and sensitivity to nature that is so evident in the strong forms of his pots.


Kyle Carpenter

Kyle is a contemporary potter who draws on the traditions of North Carolina folk pottery.  His pottery is simple in form to embellish with lines, patterns and drawings.  Kyle fuses together his love for drawing and pottery with  abstract markings that engage the viewer to look closely at how design relates to the form of the pot.


Elise Delfied 

Elise makes unique and beautiful pottery that is appropriate for every day use as well as special occasions. She uses both the potter’s wheel and slabs of red clay (hand built) and imbues each piece with the colors and forms she sees around her in Western North Carolina. Before she glazes her pots, she adds color and form depicting flowers, songbirds and butterflies in a watercolor painting.


Heather Erickson

Heather is an Assistant Professor in the College of Fine and Performing Arts at Western Carolina University.  Her research and work  focuses on rediscovering function through the process of design.  Her unique tableware directs the eye, hand and mouth to treat food differently.  She is the advisor to the WCU Mudcats Club.


Mike Lalone

What started as a hobby for Mike turned to an obsession and then his full time profession.  His work has varied greatly through the years; his current work is a mid-fired stoneware body which is both functional and sculptural in form.  His pieces are glazed with a predominantly with ash glaze that leaves a nice flowing design in the finished work.


Rodney Leftwich 

Rodney is both a potter and an historian of North Carolina pottery. His folk style pieces include face jugs, ring jugs and sculptures. He treasures the traditions of this region utilizing wood ash glazes to add natural colors to his work. His art pottery includes cameo and crystalline glazed styles based on Pisgah Forest, North Carolina’s first art pottery. 


Joe Frank McKee

Joe Frank creates a wide range of work, from functional and fumed pots, to traditional Raku and Horsehair pottery. His decorative lines are more creative and artistic, while his functional pots keep him in touch with his everyday customers.


Jim and Shirl Parmentier

Jim and Shirl have been working together for more than 35 years, designing and producing  work that is both creative and functional. They draw inspiration from within, design of one piece becoming the base for the next.   Most pieces are touched on by both of us either in the design, the making or the carving.


Joey Sheehan

Joey believes that life and nature are beautiful, inspiring, unpredictable and steadfast.  He expresses this through his work with clay.  His functional and sculptural pottery is highly influenced by the natural surroundings of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the small city life he enjoys in Asheville.


Amelia Stamps

Amelia is an arts educator and nationally recognized studio potter in Lexington, KY. Growing up in a family of artists in the mountains of North Carolina, she is inspired by the area's strong craft heritage.  Amelia exhibits her work in galleries and across the nation and maintains an active retail/wholesale show schedule. Her work has been published in periodicals such as Ceramics Monthly and books such as Cone 6 Glazes. A DVD on her life and work will be released by Ceramic Arts Daily in May of 2017. Amelia currently teaches courses at Georgetown College and at KY Mudworks. 

Frank Vickery

Frank has dedicated more than 20 years to the exploration of the ceramic arts.  His ceramic works and instructional approach centers around the contributing education model of workshops, academia, and dedicated studio hours.Known for the quality of his work, his dedication to the field of ceramics, and his enthusiastic ability to share his talent and knowledge with his students, Frank continues to make a lasting impact in the Western Carolina region.


Will Weigle

Will is passionate about the creative process of pottery. You can find him busy with new ideas in the studio, experimenting with glazes, and pushing the clay medium to the extreme in order to appease his desire to create innovative works of art.


Rob Withrow

Rob is a folk potter from Brasstown, NC. “Pots are like people,” Rob likes to say, “each one is unique and none of them are perfect.” His signature pieces are large, human-sized face jugs with smiles as big and infectious as his own.


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