How Many Trees?

An Eco-Awareness Art Installation
How Many Trees? An Eco-Awareness Art Installation
Repeats every day until Thu Jul 20 2017.
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200 Main

Old Edwards Hospitality Group will host an eco-art installation on the front lawn of its 200 Main hotel in downtown Highlands. This collaborative, temporary installation by artists Anna Norton and John Melvin called “How Many Trees?” will be constructed of used office paper collected from Old Edwards properties and other local businesses. The installation will begin the first week of July and end with a natural and symbolic demise beginning with the first significant rainfall following its completion at the end of the month.

Designed by artist John Melvin, the sculpture’s shape is inspired by organic forms, macroscopic and microscopic. Time-lapse videos, which characterize the work of artist Anna Norton, will capture the evolution and interaction of the sculpture within its environment. 

Visitors are invited to come experience the construction process as well as the fleeting existence of the completed sculpture, which will last until the weather takes its toll. An updated timeline of the sculpture’s projected completion date and Artist Reception date as well as final videos will be available online at and on Facebook at and

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