Groovin' on the Green: Julie Gribble

Hey there! I’m Julie Gribble, yes I know my last name can definitely grab that middle school lashing of jokes, but I still love it.
Groovin' on the Green: Julie Gribble
Friday, August 18th | 6:30 pm
The Village Green

Hey there! I’m Julie Gribble, yes I know my last name can definitely grab that middle school lashing of jokes, but I still love it. My dad joked about why I was keeping my last name when I started making music but I figured that what a better way for people to never forget who I was!

I started music about 10 years ago while living in Los Angeles. Pursuing acting all my life had been amazing but I needed a break. This ‘break’ led to pickin up that dusty guitar and spending hours a day just trying to figure it out…chords on napkins, asking a lot of questions, & a lot of long nights researching. I’m not a chick who can be told I can’t do something and after a few open mics I got offered my first gig. This gig led to the next year..making a first record, getting signed on a small label, doing my first tour, & working long hours at a coffee shop to pay the bills. Working in that coffee shop early mornings led me to meeting some amazing people as well as opportunities, like meeting my producers, tv hosts Craig Ferguson &Tyra Banks, as well as various film/tv supervisors. Within a few years I went off on my own, started booking tours around the US, was given the opportunity to perform on the Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson, The Tyra Banks Show, play 250+ dates a year, & made a second record.

So here we are, ten years later and I’ve moved back to the east coast, had a supporting acting role in the Sony movie Quarantine 2, performed for a third time on The Late Late Show and due with my fifth record late 2013. As well, the music I have written has been featured on Primetime shows such as The Ringer& Smallville, various Nickelodeon shows & movies, feature films like Quarantine2(Sony),Dive From Clausons Pier(Lifetime),House Broken(Danny Devito/KateySagal). Throughout these years, I have written all sorts of music ranging from folk, rock, hip-hop,pop,&country, but my main focus and love is Americana. This genre to me is all about freedom and creativity of sound, melody, as well as storytelling.

Meeting people all around the country, hearing their stories, sharing a moment in their journey and mine is what drives me.

So I continue to stand firm in my belief that great music comes from the heart, not a formula. I’m told all the time that my music is ‘outside the box.’ Ya know what? I like it that way…cause in the end I’ll know I gave this dream a darn good shot with integrity and passion. I say ‘cheers’ to a good dream, a shot of whiskey, some laughs,& a heck of alot of hard work! To you, my fans, friends, family…and let’s not forget the walls we throw down along the way, thank you!

See you on the road……

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