A Current Look at Space Exploration: What, Who, When, Why?

10:00am-12:00pm, Presenter: Rick Chappell, Cost: $25/$35
A Current Look at Space Exploration: What, Who, When, Why?
Tuesday, July 17th | 10:00 am
Center For Life Enrichment

Rick Chappell, who has been a popular participant in CLE programs for a number of years, will discuss the current status of space exploration and answer questions related to the great adventure of exploring space. Join him in a give-and-take discussion and ask anything you ever wanted to know about being a space explorer. Dr. Chappell’s half century career as a space scientist and his training to fly on the space shuttle position him to share an insider’s perspective on human movement into the unique, interesting and exciting elements of the space frontier. Presenter: Rick Chappell received his Ph.D. in Space Science from Rice University. After joining NASA, he was the mission scientist for Spacelab 1, a joint European/American shuttle mission, from 1976 to 1985. He has directed research in solar terrestrial physics and has been a principal investigator on several satellite missions. Cost: $25/$35 Coordinator: Barrett Hawks

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