Skyline Lodge at Christmas
Skyline Lodge Celebrates the Holidays

Skyline Lodge in Highlands NC celebrates Christmas.

The Scaly Screamer
Highlands NC

Letters to Santa at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founder's Park

Neither a global pandemic nor their occasional random acts of naughtiness will prevent Santa from hearing the wishes of his dedicated followers.

Ice, Ice, Baby
Highlands NC

Highlands Ice Rink is open at Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park. (Note to Olympic Hopefuls: The Beijing Winter Olympics debut in two months, so

Jubilant Illumination
Highlands NC

Decked out in jubilant illumination, Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park sets the stage for a joyous Holiday Season.

Trim our Town
Highlands NC

Trim Our Town is an ardent way to bring the Jolly to downtown Highlands.


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The Giving Circle

Every day at Carpe Diem Farms is one of Thanksgiving.   We are filled with gratitude for the horses that are our staff and colleagues, the land and the pristine water that flows through, the mountain majesty.  Beyond the place and its inhabitants, we are most thankful for those who help us financially to provide the activities and programs we …

Our Love Has No Borders

When CHHS was asked to be one of only five animal welfare agencies in North Carolina selected to host brave canine survivors from across the Pacific Ocean, we immediately said yes.   But of the 31 dogs who came to the United States last month after surviving unspeakable conditions in an illegal dog meat farm in South Korea, one dog …

For This We Give Thanks

Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust has been working for over a century to protect valuable land resources for all generations.  During this season of Thanksgiving, we asked our staff what they were thankful for.  Below is a list of some of our top 15.  What are you thankful for? We are thankful:  • For the Ravenel children who, over 100 years ago, …

An Angel Among Us

There are angels among us and you just can’t see their halos.  Take, for example, Linda Arnold.  Linda and her husband Charlie moved to Highlands full time about 13 years ago.  Her parents were quite civic minded, so Linda always understood the importance of community service.  After retiring, she immediately immersed herself in giving to others by volunteering at the …

Hot Burner Mary

All the women in my family were culinary queens, each vying for the biggest crown.  Late winter, in anticipation of the next year’s plantings, harvests, picklings, and preservings, they religiously rifled through stacks of Burpee seed catalogs and the Farmer’s Almanac.  Though not a seed had sprouted, a blue-ribbon casserole was already in the making. Yes, the womenfolk I called kin were …

Renovating Burlingame

The members of Burlingame Country Club have approved a major two-year, multi-phase Renovation Project. The expansion follows a period of renewed growth at the club due in part to the opening of memberships to non-residents.  The projects include major funding for facility updates and modernization, while also expanding casual dining, lounge, and bar areas.  Most of the work will be …

Fulfilling a Dream

Nearly a year after his hospice admission, Four Seasons Compassion for Life staff was thrilled to send Army Veteran Hank Ludlow and his niece Bonnie to Washington, D.C. on an Honor Air Flight. While away, they toured the monuments and enjoyed the day with Hank’s brother, a fellow veteran.  This trip was months in the making and required careful planning …

Learning to Breathe

Have you ever kept a pace in your life that only seemed to get faster, while at the same time you felt more worn down than ever?   In several traditional eastern philosophies people are thought to be born with only a certain number of breaths for a lifetime.  Whether we pant throughout a busy day with shallow breathing, or lengthen …

Are You Malnourished?

Remember when you were in grade school? For some of us, that’s quite a while ago. Back then, did you have friends in school with cancer or autoimmune disease? Did you have lots of friends who had diabetes II? Seriously, think hard and be honest! If you were in school now, your answer would probably be very different!  What has …

Eczema and Winter Itch

Severely dry skin during the winter months is a common problem in our area. Lower humidity caused by cold weather and indoor heating is one of the main culprits. Other factors that can cause excessive dryness of the skin include hot baths or showers, swimming pools, hot tubs and harsh soaps. When the skin becomes excessively dry small cracks can …

Making Each Moment Matter

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. CarePartners Hospice (a Mission Health affiliate) is now available in Highlands. The mission of CarePartners Hospice is to make the patient comfortable, and keep them alert and pain-free so that they may live in dignity, with a sense of serenity, while being surrounded by family, friends and caring, respectful professionals. One of those …

Petal Power

Starting a new event in the Highlands area can sometimes feel like walking on thin ice, but Joyce Franklin used her persuasive nature and unending enthusiasm to convince her friends at the Highlands Historical Society that they should join the organizing committee.  Through a concerted team effort, the Dazzling Dahlia Festival has grown larger each year.      In 2016, …