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Highlands NC

Life finds a way! Despite Covid-19 threats, research continues at the Highlands Biological Station.

Our Annual Tradition
Christmas Tree Farms

Local farmers have been working all year to ensure there are entire fields of Christmas trees waiting for new homes.


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Covid! What? | Aery Chiropractic

Practically sounds like a cheer, right? Not…but let’s discuss what positives we can glean from these last 6 months.  C for Courage – no matter our situation or stance, we have had to draw from courage many times over.  For me, should I keep my office open and be there for the patients who need me? This was a daily …

Secret Waters | Elopement Venue Highlands NC

Water. Aqua. Adam’s Ale (yes that is, actually, a synonym for water).  Never has there ever been a more celebrated natural resource. It’s vital for all forms of life. I am, myself, a Pisces, and for my whole life those around me have said things like, “You are such a Pisces!”  And, although, I have no idea what that means, …

The State of Franklin | Highlands History

Nathaniel Macon, for whom Macon County was named, was a nonconformist states-rights advocate/legislator who had no use for a strong central government, taxation, and infringement on personal freedoms.  Sound familiar?  While North Carolina’s Piedmont and Coastal regions were handily developed and accessed by a network of roads, the mountains weren’t. Travel was limited to Indian trails, few roads, no rails.  …

Passmore Grocery Store & Gas Station | Cashiers History

Several times during this summer of 2020 there have been articles in the Crossroads Chronicle newspaper about future development planned on the site of the Wormy Chestnut on US 64,  just west of the Cashiers Crossroads.   Most of you, for the past decade or so, are quite familiar with seeing merchandise like Adirondack chairs spread out in front of …

Shop for the Cure | Acorns Boutique

The story of designer Erin Gray Morton stretches from the corporate world of TV, entertainment and product marketing to the tragic deaths by cancer of her mother and stepmother in-law.   Those sorrowful deaths magnified  the need she had been feeling to turn her creative energy into a business. But “giving back and making people feel good about themselves became …

A Natural Progression | The Business Spot

In retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Cashiers lacked a large scale business printer, and there was no one offering high speed document scanning, faxing,  and copying.  This oversight finally struck Colleen Kerrigan, the owner of The Business Spot in Highlands. “Not only did these basic services not exist, there was clearly no such thing  as a wide format printer for …

Cashiers Candy Shoppe

If you’ve felt a bit disconcerted by the months of social distancing and low-level anxiety, treat yourself to a visit to A Jones Company at 3 Chestnut Square in Cashiers. It’s a joyous tumble down the Rabbit Hole stocked with “Provisions for Fun Living.” A careful browse reveals a dazzling selection of home goods, women’s clothing and accessories, handcrafted jewelry, …

The Stuff of Legends | Don Leon’s

DonLeon’s Deli in Highlands was the stuff of legends. It was the place where you could find a meal under 10 bucks and, this is important, keep tabs on the comings and goings of this little mountain town.  And at the center of the show was the irrepressible DonLeon himself, a garrulous force of nature who knew his way about …

Chefs in the House | The Farm at Old Edwards

Aah, New Orleans.  A place that takes its food seriously;  where the rhythms of life are tied up in its restaurants, where in this city of a thousand restaurants,  every  cab driver can name both the reigning chefs, and top restaurants.  Sue Zemanick is one of these chefs and her restaurant Zasu is at the very pinnacle of the New …

Fressers Serves Passion

Fressers Courtyard Café has come of age and is celebrating its  21st anniversary this year.  Chef-owner Debbie Grossman, a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America, says that feeding people is her passion, it’s in her blood. Unsurprisingly, Debbie has found that serving food and community service often go hand in hand, and it’s her passion for both that have …

Fats Domino’s Flavor-ite | Strawberry Cake

It’s well known that the Plateau is home to a dynamic and compelling population with intriguing and dynamic histories.  Yet, perhaps none more so than Colleen Kerrigan, photographer and owner of the Business Spot and Studio 106.  Hers is the story of the Strawberry Cake for this month’s recipe column. Kerrigan grew up in New Orleans. Her maternal Grandfather was …

Wine Spectator Awards | Highlands Cashiers Plateau

The pandemic has ravaged the restaurant industry, and restaurants continue to struggle to stay afloat.   Putting aside those challenges, Wine Spectator Magazine recently released its list of 2020 award winners, posting on its website,  “amid the shutdowns and the strictly regulated reopenings have come inspiring stories, as an entire industry came together to support its members and the communities …