Rotarian David Jellison

For Highlands Rotarian David Jellison, the notion of Service Above Self resonates here on the Plateau and far beyond.

And Then There were 23

The siren call of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society’s cats and dogs extends far beyond the Plateau. And people respond.

28 Acres of Generosity

The Plateau’s premier conservation group has extended its domain by 28 acres, thanks to the generosity of Little Bear Pen LLC.

Becoming a Horse Dog at Carpe Diem Farms

The arrival of Jethro is an emphatic declaration that Carpe Diem Farms is happily going to the dogs.

Power of Dreams

A special exhibition at the Bascom,  “Freewheeling: The Allure of the Automobile in Contemporary Art” runs from May 11–August 21. The

Chuck Leavell, The Tree Man

Bear Shadow Festival Rock Star Chuck Leavell’s long, strange journey began with the magic of Ray Charles and led through worldwide fame with

Hiking Trail
All Around Earth Day

A lower-key, more personal celebration is on tap for this year’s Earth Day, set for April 22.

How ‘bout Them Apples?

The noble apple tree finally gets its day in the sun with The Cashiers Historical Society’s Heritage Apple Day, set for Saturday, March 27

Winter Cover Photo Contest

As we’re all focused on the arrival of spring, don’t forget those memories of winter. Laurel Magazine is saving a spot for you in its Winter

Shadow of the Bear in Winter
The Secret Season

During the winter to early-spring months, the Cashiers-Highlands high-elevation Plateau comes alive during a “secret season.”


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Faux Fur Ball

It’s spring again, and Friends for Life invites you to join us for our 10th annual Faux Fur Ball. Those of you on our mailing list may have already received your private invitation.  Some of you know that this celebration is actually, “No ball at all.  So don’t put on your ritz and glitz, just send us a donation for …

Literacy for Life

While we all know that literacy is important, specialists are now informing us that the first 2,000 days of a child’s life are even more critical than we thought.  From the website first2000days.org, we gain more insight into this process: “Brains are built, not born.”    The brain is one of the only organs not fully developed at birth.  Most …

Satulah’s Peak Experience

Satulah Mountain has been a place of significance for a long time.  To the Cherokee it was known as “Grumbler” or “Snorter,” perhaps a place to stay away from.  To the first settlers it may have looked like a sitting stool and perhaps Satulah is a derivation of “Stoolie.”  In 1909, the residents of Highlands thought enough of the mountain …

Gracious Guides

Imagine you’ve just battled the mountain road up to Highlands.  It’s your first trip here and you’re stumped.   Yes, it’s beautiful.  Yes, there is hiking to be done, but where?  If you’re smart, you’ll stop by the Highlands Visitor Center.  They have everything you need for a well-informed visit – maps, brochures, magazines, and gracious volunteers to answer your …

Rotary, Keeps Us Rolling

For over 70 years the Rotary Club of Highlands has brought people together from all walks of life who want to use their expertise for the general good; people whose sense of responsibility inspires them to give back to the community.  This flagship community organization was chartered May 2, 1945, and has been active and growing ever since.   Highlands School …

A Look Into the Heart

Abandoned and left to die. Starving, lost and alone. Crippled by blindness.  How many obstacles must be placed in the path of a soul before they finally give up on humanity, and give up on themselves? But Paisley did neither. This amazing three-year-old Labrador mix was dumped on the side of the road in Glenville last August and forced to fend …

Better Health is a Choice

We often take health for granted until we hit a bump in the road, becoming ill or developing a problem.   The body innately wants to be healthy and does a great job keeping itself in homeostasis or balance but we still abuse our systems just by modern, everyday living.  There are many obstacles today that we didn’t face 30 to 50 …

A Tapestry of Green and Sun

The Village Green is a 12.5 acre park in the heart of Cashiers, attracting thousands of visitors each year.  The park is designed to be a free, public space to enhance the community’s mountain lifestyle. People come to enjoy the large lawns, gardens, amazing public art, woodland and wetland trails and the large children’s playground. Dogs and their owners especially …

Eat Breakfast, Lose weight

If you’re like most Americans, you eat a high-carb breakfast packed with cereals, bagels, muffins, and fruit smoothies, or you don’t eat breakfast at all either because you’re too busy or you want to lose weight.  You are sabotaging your weight loss goals by destabilizing blood glucose and insulin after the night’s fast. Breakfast is exactly what it sounds like …

Kaboom Boy

I had an English Bulldog named Bentley.   And like his automobile namesake, he passed gas from intake to exhaust.  Once he was soundly snoring at my feet and expelled a methane cloud that nearly set my hair and the curtains on fire.  It was so loud it woke him.  He jumped up, stared at his butt, and then barked at …

Oh, the Stories CHS Can Tell

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Cashiers Historical Society.  It was kicked off with a $100-a-plate brunch held at the historic Hanks House with about 40 guests in attendance.  Since that time, so much new information has been learned about the early days in Cashiers Valley and so much valuable historic preservation has been accomplished.  Alan …

Botanical Explorers & Early Settlers

This is the second in a series of three articles saluting the Botanical History of the Highlands Plateau, based upon research of the Laurel Garden Club’s Land Stewards and Ran Shaffner. The pamphlet and video accompanying the research were winners of the N. C. Society of Historians’ Paul Green Multimedia Award in 2015. In the 18th century, botanical explorers introduced …