Rotarian David Jellison

For Highlands Rotarian David Jellison, the notion of Service Above Self resonates here on the Plateau and far beyond.

And Then There were 23

The siren call of the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society’s cats and dogs extends far beyond the Plateau. And people respond.

28 Acres of Generosity

The Plateau’s premier conservation group has extended its domain by 28 acres, thanks to the generosity of Little Bear Pen LLC.

Becoming a Horse Dog at Carpe Diem Farms

The arrival of Jethro is an emphatic declaration that Carpe Diem Farms is happily going to the dogs.

Power of Dreams

A special exhibition at the Bascom,  “Freewheeling: The Allure of the Automobile in Contemporary Art” runs from May 11–August 21. The

Chuck Leavell, The Tree Man

Bear Shadow Festival Rock Star Chuck Leavell’s long, strange journey began with the magic of Ray Charles and led through worldwide fame with

Hiking Trail
All Around Earth Day

A lower-key, more personal celebration is on tap for this year’s Earth Day, set for April 22.

How ‘bout Them Apples?

The noble apple tree finally gets its day in the sun with The Cashiers Historical Society’s Heritage Apple Day, set for Saturday, March 27

Winter Cover Photo Contest

As we’re all focused on the arrival of spring, don’t forget those memories of winter. Laurel Magazine is saving a spot for you in its Winter

Shadow of the Bear in Winter
The Secret Season

During the winter to early-spring months, the Cashiers-Highlands high-elevation Plateau comes alive during a “secret season.”


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Grace in Gravity: Yoga & Rolfing

When you hear the word “graceful,” do you think…that’s just not me?   Most of us do!  I can think of other words for graceful –  refined, balanced, easeful, integrated and flowing.  The truth is that graceful movement is the key to less pain and better function in the body for a lifetime.  And it’s available to each of us, no …

Dr. Duncan, Primary Care

The goal of Mission Health Primary Care is to meet the needs of patients of all ages in Highlands and Cashiers through a comprehensive team approach. Dr. Thomas Duncan, is a familiar face to patients in Highlands and will now be available in Cashiers on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Dr. Duncan’s office hours in Highlands …

Music on the Grounds

Cashiers Historical Society invites everyone to their annual Music on the Grounds on Wednesday, July 12, from 4:30 until 7:30 P.M. on the grounds of the historic Zachary-Tolbert House, located at 1940 Highway 107 South.   Add a little spice to your mid-week and join them for a fun evening that will include activities for the kids, a delicious barbecue …

The Long Life of Henry W. Miller

When Henry Woodfin Miller died in Transylvania County, North Carolina, on January 28, 1931, he was 95 years old and had lived an event-filled life.  Most of his following story was taken from his lengthy newspaper obituary.  “He was born July 4, 1835 in Macon County, North Carolina, thus making him the right age to serve in the Civil War.  …

King of Pops

Highlands claims a lot of famous residents who were/are celebrities of the state, nation, and world.   Among the international notorieties is Dr. Alexander P. “Alex” Anderson, a Minnesotan, Clemson professor, and summer resident of Highlands.  He lived in a mansion he built (1906-09) on Fifth Street, north of Satulah. If you or your kids ever enjoyed a bowl of …

Getting Our Bearings

Thanks to the generosity of the members of B.E.A.R. (Bear Education and Resources Task Force), the four little bear cubs recently orphaned in the Highlands area are $1,000 closer to being financially provided-for at Kindred Spirits Care for Wildlife in Graham, North Carolina.  But they need another $24,000.  Why so much?  A cub eats a phenomenal amount of special formula, …

Up and Down

Those little pitch shots from around the green can make or break your round and either make you very satisfied or really grumpy.  One of the biggest errors is using a wedge with too much loft (sand or lob).  The more lofted wedge you use, the bigger the swing you have to take.  The longer the swing, the more problems …

By Any Other Name

Meet Rose.  Not that rose by any other name rose, this is Rose Campion.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that her name rhymes with champion, after all, she’s been around for thousands of years.   Have you seen her? It’s surprising how many gardens have never invited her to their flowering fashion show. Although she’s not a showstopper, she …

Seal Salamander

This salamander occurs throughout the mountains of Western North Carolina and are found in most forested stream situations.  

It’s for The Birds

Every year Audubon North Carolina publishes a Bird-Friendly Native Plants of the Year List.  It suggests plant choices that help sustain native and migrating birds with food, habitat, and more.  Check out 2017’s list at nc.audubon.org/conservation/bird-friendly-native-plants-year-list. Most of us give our backyards a spring-cleaning anyway, so it’s a cinch-to-feed-a-finch by planting one or more new natives in your yard this …

Oh Canada! The Warbler.

This bejeweled species pictured above is part of a large group of passerines or perching birds that include many New World or Western Hemispheric and Old World Eurasian varieties.   The Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis) is a migratory bird that winters in South America and follows North American flyways in the spring to breeding grounds far to the north.  Over …

Don’t Be Afraid To get Wet

So many times we get clients that want to schedule a fly-fishing trip with The Highland Hiker, but who are very concerned about the weather on the date they schedule. “Is it supposed to rain?” “Is there rain in the forecast?”  “What happens if it rains?” Fair questions, to be sure.  When you’re planning a fly-fishing trip you envision a …