Donna Woods and Marty Rosenfield
Us and the Snow

It took a snowstorm to reveal what had been obvious from the start – Donna Woods and Marty Rosenfield were meant to find one another.

Mathew Basford
Fisher Vineyards Wine Dinner
The Farm at Old Edwards

With its unique blend of exquisite vintages and irresistibly off-center dishes, The Farm at Old Edwards’ Top Chef Dinner, set for May 21, promises

Magical Morning Light
Cover Artist Carole Shepardson

Carole Shepardson’s clever shutter captures the magic and the mystery embedded within life on the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.

Art and The Automobile

The Bascom revs up its Main Gallery with FreeWheeling, a dynamic show celebrating all things Automotive, May 11 through August 21.

Twilight Runs
Highlands Rotary Club

The exclusive Twilight 5K and 10K Race will wind through Highlands on Saturday, May 15. For more information or to register, visit

The Power of Music
Bear Shadow Music Festival

The music and the food and the fun times of Bear Shadow will extend across the Plateau, April 23-25. For more details (and up-to-the-minute information),

Bear Shadow Music Festival Local Love
Feel the Music and the Love at Bear Shadow Music Festival

Bear Shadow, slated for April 23-25, is showing the love for its Macon, Jackson, Transylvania, and Rabun residents with a ticket discount.


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Mountains in Her Blood

Mission Health Primary Care has once again expanded their services at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital. They recently brought Robyn Restrepo, MD, to Highlands, but she is certainly not new to the mountains of North Carolina. Dr. Restrepo grew up in Waynesville and Maggie Valley and later did her Family Medicine residency at MAHEC in Hendersonville. With mountains in her blood, she lived …

Founder’s Day Celebration

Cashiers Historical Society hosts its 14th annual Founder’s Day Celebration on Thursday, September 28.   Now in its 14th year, the Historical Society hosts all third and fourth graders from Blue Ridge and Summit Charter Schools, as well as home-schoolers, for a celebration of the area’s roots, reflecting on life in the 19th century. Students enjoy a day of activities …

A Taxing Situation

This receipt of $60 (in Confederate money?) was paid to the Confederate government in August of 1864 for the year of 1863, by Cashiers Valley resident Alexander Zachary.   It was signed by his brother-in-law, William Norton, who was a neighbor. It must have been a bitter pill for Alexander to swallow, being that he was a well-known Union sympathizer. …

Taking the High Road

The Gorge Road is an impressive feat of engineering. If you’ve ever been at the bottom of the gorge and looked up, it’s a little unsettling to see how the road is perched on the side of the cliff, yet it’s solid as, well, a rock. Construction began in the spring of 1927, long before compressors and jack hammers were …

Play the Break

This month we’re going to talk about hitting putts with significant break.  Some of the things I’m going to tell you are going to be hard to believe, but they’re true. The main reason we miss big breaking putts is not your grip, stance, stroke or anything else. It is that we don’t play enough break.   The average golfer misses 80 …

Behold the Mighty Hawk!

September offers great hawk watching opportunities. Broad-wing Hawks (Buteo platypterus) are smallish hawks, recognizable while soaring by their full wing span and tail bands. Hawks generally are highly intelligent, defining and measuring intelligence as innovativeness in feeding habits. Their visual acuity, sharpness of vision, is astounding owing to the density of photoreceptors in their retina being five times greater than …

Toad Abodes and Frog Bogs

That smorgasbord of seeds, berries, nuts and fruit bushes and trees you planted in your backyard attract a variety of critters for your enjoyment.  But a few other species need a little more enticement, especially if much of their habitat were rearranged for the sake of peonies and petunias. These guests are often overlooked, but they are an integral part …

Beautiful Medicine

If you haven’t heard of this flower by her common name, maybe you’ve heard of her professional name – Echinacea purpurea. She’s a star during her life as a summer blooming member of the daisy family, but long after she’s gone, she may be seen in a teapot helping people ward off the severity of cold and flu season. Purple …

It’s Fly Time

As we get closer to the heart of fall, a lot of folks will be looking to take their first Fly Fishing trip.  Perhaps a father looking to get a son interested in the sport, or maybe a recently retired woman looking to add a hobby. Lots of people have fly fishing on their list of things to try, but …

A “Wanderful” Experience

Panthertown Valley has been called the Yosemite of the East. I prefer to compare it to those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books I used to read as a kid. Paintertown, as it’s sometimes called, offers everything from grand mountain vistas to burbling creeks that turn into stunning waterfalls. My favorite thing, though, is the wide variety of ecosystems, particularly the muffled pine grove …

Who Writes This Stuff?

Fortune Cookie Day is September 13th. We are already lucky. The 13th isn’t a Friday. When dining out, fortune cookies are an essential benediction to an Asian meal. While these confections are associated with Chinese restaurants, they probably were the creation of Makoto Hagiwara at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco in 1914. Other sources suggest that David Jung, …

A Dine-Asty at Wolfgang’s

While the Highlands Food & Wine Festival, November 9-12, is filled with exciting special events and music, the exclusive wine dinners held at premier local restaurants are not to be missed.  Of special note, is “Generations,” an evening with Caymus Vineyards and Wagner Family Wines at Wolfgang’s Restaurant and Wine Bistro, with guest chef Dickie Brennan on Saturday, November 11. …