Power of Dreams

A special exhibition at the Bascom,  “Freewheeling: The Allure of the Automobile in Contemporary Art” runs from May 11–August 21. The

Chuck Leavell, The Tree Man

Bear Shadow Festival Rock Star Chuck Leavell’s long, strange journey began with the magic of Ray Charles and led through worldwide fame with

Hiking Trail
All Around Earth Day

A lower-key, more personal celebration is on tap for this year’s Earth Day, set for April 22.

How ‘bout Them Apples?

The noble apple tree finally gets its day in the sun with The Cashiers Historical Society’s Heritage Apple Day, set for Saturday, March 27

Winter Cover Photo Contest

As we’re all focused on the arrival of spring, don’t forget those memories of winter. Laurel Magazine is saving a spot for you in its Winter

Shadow of the Bear in Winter
The Secret Season

During the winter to early-spring months, the Cashiers-Highlands high-elevation Plateau comes alive during a “secret season.”


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Buzzing ‘Round the Meadow

Wildflowers are even more beautiful in the mountains, don’t you think?  The mountain air, high elevation, and unique granitic soils create an amazing and colorful expanse of flowering plants.  Not only are the flowers beautiful to look at, but they are important ecologically.  Flowering plants and pollinators have a special symbiotic relationship: flowers are able to reproduce via pollination, while …

True Grits

While on my annual winter sojourn to Edisto Island, off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, I bought a fancy cloth bag of Charleston’s Own Stone Ground Whole Grain White Grits, prepared on granite millstones in its namesake’s city.  Its logo: Experience a history you can taste. Grits have been a Charleston staple since the town was settled in 1670. …

A Tale Destined to Be Told

I love reading in all genres, but historical fiction is my guilty pleasure.  I’m always fascinated with other time periods, and I live vicariously through the characters of my favorite books. My most recent foray into days gone by was the humbling opportunity to read Diane McPhail’s latest novel, “The Abolitionist’s Daughter,” which is coming out on April 30 from Kensington …

Soup’s On

The days are sunnier, the grass has sprung, the flowers are here, and the air feels warmer. Unfortunately, the cold and flu season is not ready to leave us yet.  During the cold and flu season, some supplements work better than others. Elderberry syrup, Vitamins C and D can help keep colds at bay. There is nothing like a warm …

A Yogi’s Guide to Weight Balance

Are you possibly feeling weighed down at winter’s end?   I hear from many people who do not feel satisfied with their personal weight or shape.  It’s common and may be necessary to add a layer during the colder months from eating extra food to stay warm.  This stagnation, if not removed, can accumulate in both body and mind.  Weight gain …

What Does It Mean to Detox?

When we think of detoxing, there are probably 100 different thoughts that come to mind.  Some people believe a detox means they should soak their feet until the water darkens; others think of fasting for several days to a month; some think of a special liquid diet; and so on and so on.  True detoxification occurs in the liver as …

Celebrating Mission’s Volunteers

Mission Hospital and Eckerd Living Center celebrate National Volunteer Month this April by recognizing those who assist their staff and patients in marvelous, magnanimous ways.  One of their most outstanding Eckerd volunteers is Amber Hornbarger.  Her husband required rehab.  She accompanied him for his sessions and became acquainted with staff and patients.  It wasn’t long before she was assisting others, …

CHS Restores 1890 Schoolhouse

The Cashiers Historical Society has been working tirelessly, restoring and renovating the historic Hampton School House, which was moved to the Historical Society grounds from High Hampton in August 2018.  The school was originally built in 1890 for the children of Cashiers by Wade Hampton III, and was staffed by his three sisters.  For many years this small schoolhouse was …

Whittling Away

When I was growing up, I remember seeing a little wooden figurine of a pig in my Nana’s living room.  I was told to be careful with it because it was lightweight and the legs were fragile.  My father made it.  He whittled it out of a piece of balsa wood.  His father, my grandpa, taught him how to whittle, …

The Dillard Legacy

After the split of North Carolina and Tennessee, the Dillard family found themselves on the Tennessee side of the state line.  With their true loyalties to the state of North Carolina, some of the family members decided to move to the remaining portion of North Carolina. Thomas Dillard III and his wife, Dorcas Polly Love Dillard, chose the Morgan area …

North Carolina’s Jumping Off Place

At the end of the Civil War, there were no roads to Highlands.  There were few settlers on the Plateau, and the area was devoted largely to Native American hunting grounds.  The land had not been fully explored or publicly mapped.  But behind the scenes, the Union hired a cartographer to prepare a war map of the region to keep …

Damselfly Dancer

Damselfly  Dancer (Genus Argia or Enallagma) The slender Blue-fronted Dancer is a Damselfly that flits, flutters, and bounces as it flies, making it a natural choreographer. Dancers’ flight patterns are not straight-lined. This Pond Damsel appears to dance and bounce along its way. Damselflies are smaller than Dragonflies, but they can be just as colorful.