Women’s Health Month
Back Row from Left to Right: Leslie Green-PT, Dawn Sanborn-PTA, Susan Kaminsky-RN, Angela Tyre-PT, Kim Sanders-Practice Specialist II, Michelle Wilson-PTA, Corinne Ramos-Practice Specialist I, Melissa Jenkins-PTA Front Row Left to Right: Jonathan Brown-PT, Marion Macy-PT-Rehab Manager, Deborah Brock-PT, Brittany Rickert-PT, Marcus Smith-Exercise Physiologist

October is Women’s Health Month and Mission Health wants to make its patients aware of the benefits for women in their Physical Therapy Department at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital. 

Marion Macy, PT, MPT, is the hospital’s Rehabilitation Manager and sees many types of patients in the department.  

“We take a very holistic approach to rehabilitation. It’s not simply the physical injury that needs treatment, but the emotional component, too,” said Macy.

That is especially important for women who have experienced lymphedema as a result of breast cancer.  Lymphedema is a collection of fluid, usually in the arms and legs, that often occurs following removal of the lymph nodes.  The staff of the Physical Therapy Departments in both Highlands and Cashiers is trained in how to treat this and encourage anyone suffering from lymphedema to find out how they might find relief with their trained therapists.

Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a man’s disease, around the same number of women and men suffer heart disease in the United States.  The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital Physical Therapy Department was recently awarded accreditation.  The cardiac program meets the criteria for 2017 American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Certification. Macy says, “It is awarded for three years and we will need to maintain our program certification status in good standing during this period.  This is very exciting for us and Team Spirit looks forward in providing the best quality health service there is here at HCH.” 

It is well known that strength training, toning, and flexibility are necessary for maintaining vitality and good health.  Macy’s department works closely with women to help them build up strength, tone, and improve balance through the use of very specific modalities.

All the disciplines use evidence-based practices for pain management, strengthening, stability, and flexibility programs, and Macy says, “We  have experience with patients of all ages and in many different states of health.  Through our team’s hands-on and evidence-based treatments, many women in our area have regained mobility, strength, and improved quality of life.”

For more information on the rehabilitative services available at Highlands-Cashiers Hospital, call (828) 526-1457.  In Cashiers, they are located at 73 Slab Town Road and you may reach them by phone at (828) 743-6650.