What Does Prevention Feel Like to You?
Dr. Sue Aery

When you think of prevention, what comes to mind?  

Is it feeling good, great energy, no colds, better sleep or is it lurking cancer cells being killed, white blood cells destroying inflammation, inflammatory cells healing from within your body?  Think about your picture of prevention and let’s talk more about how this works and how you can draw yourself into this picture.  

First, the body is innately designed to be and stay healthy.  The systems in place are meant to conduct function and ward off bad cells that might, with some assistance, begin to destroy tissue and organs.  These systems and cells are built to withstand a lot of insults such as stress, injury, fatigue, and aging. When taken care of properly, our cells keep us alive and they continue to reproduce almost on a daily basis, so that we are fully replenished over and over again. 

In the opposite scenario, as we age naturally, the cells become less responsive and the replication process becomes tired and less efficient. 

Wherever we are in life, if we take good care of our body, we will activate the needed prevention on a daily basis.  This is the hard part, doing what the body needs in order for it to take care of itself.  We need great nutrition, plenty of water and sleep, good circulation to send oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and the continuing knowledge and education to conduct this throughout life. 

Having this awareness is the first step in achieving prevention.  What do you want your future health picture to look like?  Be proactive and change your story.