Thermal Imaging

Dr. Sue Aery 

Thermal Imaging is a very safe and effective diagnostic tool for mapping pain and inflammation in the body, quite literally visualizing your pain.

Often used as a screening tool for early detection of breast cancer, especially in those who have dense tissue, fibrocystic breasts and/or breast implants, the study and science of thermal imaging allows the detection of heat in the body. Your whole body can be scanned, including the heart, thyroid and liver. Dental health, sinus health and inflammation throughout the body can be determined through this kind of heat imaging. Heat represents increased metabolic activity, increased inflammation and increased blood flow, all of which can be associated with pain and disease.

Other, more commonly used methods of screening can cause concern because of the radiation issue as well as the uncomfortable process and what some view as a general lack of accuracy. Thermography, on the other hand, is simple, comfortable and uses no radiation.  Used as a screening application especially in conjunction with other types of detection, thermography can serve as the stepping stone to any further study needed. It can also be used to monitor progress around an injury or inflammatory problem, such as bursitis, a pinched nerve or an inflamed organ.

Prevention and early detection can go a long way toward helping you determine if you need to take further action to maintain or regain your health.  With this thermal imaging process, we can see what’s happening inside the body in terms of heat and what that can mean in specific areas.  

 This procedure is simple, safe and can be done quickly with thermo-imaging camera and equipment. No radiation is present and you will be comfortable during the process. You can choose to scan either a particular body region or have a full body scan performed. The results are available very quickly. This is an FDA-registered device and the process is very affordable.

We will offer the next thermal imaging event at Aery Chiropractic & Acupuncture, 2655 Dillard Road in Highlands, on Friday, May 11, by appointment only from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. A Certified Clinical Thermographer will be with us from Atlanta for this set of appointments as well as future dates throughout the 2018 season. Call for details at (828) 526-1022 and make a choice to investigate and improve your health.