Taking His Best Shot

The winner of this year’s Winter Cover Photo Contest is Hoyt Starkey of Travelers Rest, South Carolina.   He is lucky enough to live in an area popular with runners, walkers, and bikers, and is frequently on the trail himself.

This photo was taken in January 2017, about one half-mile from his house.  

“While we don’t get a lot of snow in the upstate, the snow that day was really fluffy and landed on everything just perfectly,” Hoyt says.

He admits to being an amateur photographer and remarkably, doesn’t even own a camera! This winning photo was taken with his iPhone 6 and he used no filter post production, but did boost the saturation a bit. 

 Starkey is a frequent visitor to Highlands and is especially enamored of the waterfalls.  He takes many photos while on The Plateau and loves to shop while he’s here, too. He previously entered The Laurel’s photo contest but this is the first time he has been voted a winner.

Congratulations on receiving the most number of votes to win our Winter 2018 photo contest, Hoyt.