Mike & Dooley in the Morning

Highlands’ own Mike Carrier and Jeremy Dooley started a weekly show called “Mike & Dooley in the Morning” on Facebook Live a few months ago.  

It’s so spontaneously random (Squirrel!), funny (Zamboni!), and out-of-the-box (there isn’t a box that can contain it) that its success surprised even its creators. 

Its audience has risen exponentially each week. Viewers log in from Oregon, Florida, New York, points beyond and in-between. FB followers are at 2k and views at 100k. 

Carrier says, “We’ve started doing other episodes like “Ride Along with Mike & Dooley,” which so far has gotten 12,500 views.”

A morning ritual unleashed the idea. M&D read the paper, drank coffee, and razzberried the headlines, swapping one-liners and running gags. All in fun. Then lightbulb! Instead of murder and mayhem, why couldn’t Highlanders start their day with a live local morning show focusing on good news? 

M&D began airing their Saturday repartee on Facebook and YouTube as a remote broadcast from a local business. They figured their moms, wives, cousins and kids might watch if they enticed them with food and bribes.

Now, several months in, with a walloping viewership to their credit, they’ve launched a second show featuring local and national performers, personal heroes, worthy charities, and ordinary good guys whose contributions to the region often go unnoticed. M&D want the spin-off to be as inspiring as it is entertaining. 

They’ve interviewed Summer Brooke and the Mountain Faith Band. They are currently working on setting up additional interviews with other entertainers who have positive messages. 

Dooley says, “Our “Positive People” show went to Charlotte to interview Elevation Worship.” 

You can view Mike and Dooley on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Highlands Cable group, Ch. 14. E-mail them at  [email protected].

So stay tuned, Macon and Jackson Counties and beyond. Mike and Dooley are just getting cranked-up, recently adding Franklin businesses to their
rocketing resume´. 

“We appreciate everybody’s support,” says Mike. “The feedback that we’ve received has been overwhelming. The whole experience has been pretty surreal for two guys who just like people and love laughing at each other.” 

Dooley adds, “And we smell good too.”

Watch current and past episodes, shop for M&D merchandise, request a show for your business, and follow links at their website, www.mikeanddooley.com.