Labels Matter

Anyone who has a retail wine establishment can tell you that a label really matters.   

Some wineries have created such an attractive package that they eventually put less effort into the wine itself. On the other side, of course, there are wineries that have adopted such an off-putting package that no amount of attention to the actual wine will help its sales. Then there are packages that are subconsciously off-putting to a certain section of wine lovers to the point that in some locations, they are virtually unsellable.

That’s where the retailer who tastes the wines she purchases makes a difference.

With my love of biscuits and gravy and hot wings, I find myself at Mountain Fresh almost every day. I always peruse the wine section while I’m there. After speaking with JT, it becomes evident that he has tried most of the wines in his racks. Regardless of price (high or low) or label (off-putting or not) every bottle is varietally correct and a representation of its terroir.

As you buy wine from Mountain Fresh you’ll begin to understand the JT selection. I’m not saying you’ll love every bottle in the store, as everyone has their own style, but you can be confident that every wine has been quality-tasted.

Nice job, JT.

Drink well, Curt