Kasey’s Idea of Heaven

Kasey Klodosky

Kasey Klodosky has been a full-time resident of Highlands for about nine years.  She and her parents moved from Atlanta after having been part-time residents for years.   

Sounds familiar, right?

Luckily, despite its small size, Highlands offers enough to keep Kasey from missing the Atlanta metropolis too much.

Kasey is a movie and theater buff, so between the Highlands Performing Arts Center and the Highlands Playhouse, she easily gets her drama fix in Highlands.  In fact, during the summer she likes to volunteer as an usher at the Playhouse during their live theater performances, and she usually goes to see a movie there on the weekends.  (Movie showings are at 2:00 P.M., 5:00 P.M., and 8:00 P.M., Friday through Tuesday, except for Sundays during November through May, when there is no 8:00 P.M. show.)

The Ugly Dog Pub on Fourth Street is another favorite haunt – trivia nights and live music are particular draws, as are their perfect chicken tenders (with French fries, despite any peer pressure to order their equally awesome tater tots).  She may become a regular at Tuesday night karaoke at the High Dive on Carolina Way, although as a spectator rather than as a participant.

One cannot get to know Kasey without getting to know her dog Franz – or at least getting to know about him.  She is an enthusiastic and doting dog-mom and is lucky to live in such a dog-friendly town.  Franz and Kasey sometimes visit the dog park in the Highlands Recreation Park, but the duo mostly prefers to stroll around her neighborhood in town.

(On a side note: Franz may also be the most well-read pooch in town.  He listens to audiobooks while his mom is away
from home!)

 Since she does live in town, Kasey loves how pedestrian-friendly Highlands is – she can walk almost anywhere on its well-maintained sidewalks and streets.  One of the places she walks most frequently is to Hudson Library on Main Street, where she works as a Circulation Assistant and is helping to expand the youth programs the library offers.  If you’re ever in the library, be sure to ask her for a movie recommendation – she gives expert
cinematic guidance.

“To me, the best part of Highlands is how everyone is constantly collaborating to make sure that the town keeps evolving,” Kasey says.  Certainly, one the best parts of living in a small town is the closeness of the community, and Highlands is lucky to have people like Kasey helping to contribute to its constant evolution.