Her Artful Journey, Dawn Laughlin

Dawn Laughlin

If you’re a woman who loves jewelry, you probably already have one of Dawn Laughlin’s Chunky Pearl ‘n’ Leather Bracelets, a hot seller at The Molly Grace in Highlands.  Or you might own one of Dawn’s whimsical farm animal oil paintings.  Each of her one-of-a-kind designs, no matter what the medium, is as unique and delightful as its creator.

It’s no wonder her work is in demand.  She comes from a line of gifted artists who made art accessible and fun for her as a child.  In fifth grade in her hometown, St. Simons Island, Georgia, she and a few other students out of the entire student body were selected to paint a school mural that entertains visitors to this day. 

Growing up, she wanted to live on a farm.  That wasn’t in the cards.  Not to be outdone, she started painting cows, horses, goats, chickens, and pigs, exhibiting her gallery of barnyard animals from dining room to den. 

When asked what sets her work apart she says, “My mother encouraged me to be creative. She said that each piece of art represents something personal.  Woven through my images are my sense of humor and my zest for living.  My children inspire me.  They make me laugh.  I want my paintings to do the same for my viewers.”

The biggest influence on her style is her father, also an oil painter.  “My dad has always inspired me.  He told me ‘If you can draw, you can paint.’  I began dabbling with oils 10 years ago, fell in love with them, and have been using them ever since.”

She finds inspiration everywhere. 

“Artists communicate through their images,” she says. “Each one of us takes away something different from a painting.  That’s what makes artwork so special and irreplaceable.”

Her spirited personality shines through everything she creates.  See her charming, quirky, and endearing beasties as well as her art-cessories at The Molly Grace or Instagram at dawnldesigns.  Email her at [email protected] or call The Molly Grace at (828) 526-8390.