Hemp Oil: What’s the Scoop?

Headlines, stock market, legalization, and yes – health benefits!

So, what’s the hype about hemp all about? 

Removing virtually all of the psychoactive THC from the final product would seemingly remove virtually all of the controversy, right? And if not that simple fact, then how about because we see such amazing health benefits for so many who are suffering from depression, chemotherapy, immune deficiency, pain, fatigue, heart disease, hormone imbalance, sleep problems, skin irritations and many, many other issues?

The research on hemp is coming in stronger and stronger, the efficacy is there, the results are real and the final product gets better and better. Now you can get authentic, clean, non-GMO and truly effective Hemp Oil locally and the same product can be directly shipped anywhere in the United States. Hemp oil is legal in all 50 states and has just become more readily available right here in Highlands. The results are real and people are seeing the benefits of getting off some of the dangerous meds they’ve been using.

CBD (cannabidiol) is the active part of both marijuana and hemp plants, which differ mostly in their THC content. Hemp has little or no THC (less than 0.01 percent in hemp). Hemp, or CBD, is non-psychoactive and won’t cause a “high,” making it generally safe for use. The medicinal component of CBD sought by many to improve health is doing just that. Unlike marijuana, hemp is naturally higher in cannabidiol. The source and delivery system into the body are key components and important to recognize when deciding which Hemp oil to choose from. The newest products are even cleaner and have a “liposomal” delivery system, which makes it immediately bioavailable to the body. Be careful of contaminants, especially knowing that these are oil-based products and can carry and hold GMO’s and many other contaminants like herbicides and pesticides from the crops. Make sure that your hemp/CBD product is third-party tested for purity and comes from a clean crop.

The benefits are there for you if you are avoiding the many medicines out there that carry side effects. More and more people, including health professionals like myself, are embracing hemp oil as the safe and effective medicinal plant that others have known about for thousands of years!