A Good Olde Time for All, Highlands Christmas Parade

Hello, December and Merry Christmas everyone!  Start your holiday celebrations on a joyful note by attending the Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade on December 2.  The parade starts at 11:00 A.M. but it’s part of the fun to get there early, grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or cider at a nearby business and claim a prime viewing spot.  It’s a great chance to celebrate with your community and neighbors.

This parade embodies the heart and soul of the community and is staged entirely by local civic groups, non-profits, churches, businesses, fire departments, and many more.  You’ll definitely spot some of your friends and neighbors marching the parade route, and if you smile and wave they might reward you with a bountiful handout of candy.

Creativity abounds and hard work is evident in the parade of homemade floats that took long hours of volunteer labor and good times to assemble.  Joining the fun will be at least one marching band, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, horses, camels, dogs (some dressed for the season, all happily enjoying the fun and exercise), fire trucks, rescue vehicles, classic cars, the Highlands School Homecoming Court and athletic teams, local politicians, Smokey The Bear, and the ever-popular and always well-rehearsed crowd favorites, the dancing ladies of the Highlands Garden Club. 

Ending it with a bang and to the delight of our youngest spectators are Santa and Mrs. Claus, who always mark their calendars so they can attend our parade.  Santa loves parades and the Highlands Olde Mountain Christmas Parade is a favorite of his.  He loves it so much he even hangs around after the parade at the Kelsey-Hutchinson Founders Park for photos.  How’s that for seasonal star power?

For more information please contact the Highlands Chamber of Commerce
at (828) 526-2112.