Furry Friends for Foster Kids

Some foster children are lucky enough to find themselves in a loving, caring home, others not so much.  But for all foster children the transition is difficult.

No one knows that better than Molly Perkins.

Molly and her sister were former foster children and she understands how scary it can be. 

“Most of the homes we stayed in were homes with older children who constantly picked on us,” she says. “Surviving was the only thing we knew.”

It was not until she was adopted that Molly received her very first stuffed animal.  She named him Goldie and from that day on, she brings him everywhere she goes.  When she would get into trouble, she would snuggle Goldie.  When she was scared, she retreated to the safety of her furry friend.

Molly was a sophomore in high school when she started her Furry Friends for Kids Program for a class project.  She knew she wanted to continue her outreach and this summer has turned her dream into a full fledged 501 (c) 3 non-profit where people can donate stuffed animals to be shared with foster children.

Molly is the niece of Danielle and Dave Warth of Warth Construction and visits them in Highlands frequently.  

She lives in Missouri and says, “I love the Highlands area and love to train in the mountains.  I’ve been coming here since I was a little kid.  I just can’t get enough  of Highlands, which is why I come every summer.”

Last month, while she was here, she donated 65 stuffed animals to the social services office in Franklin, expanding her reach to our area.  She is a remarkable young woman with a big heart and an even bigger vision.  If you’d like to help, visit her website at  FurryFriendsForFosterKids.com.  You’ll have several stuffed animals from which to select or you may send a new stuffed animal of your choosing.  You may mail these, and monetary donations, to Furry Friends for Foster Kids, P.O. Box 532, Gower, MO, 64454. 

Molly and foster children everywhere will thank you.